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Apple Has Some Competition, Disney Has Found Themselves a New Suitor

disney apple merger

In an interview with CNBC, Disney CEO Bob Iger said that Disney would be looking for a “strategic partner” to help expand the brand and share some of the cost of high-priced items like ESPN’s professional sports rights. Analysts immediately pointed to Apple as the logical partner to pair with Disne for now, possibly buying the company down the road. ...

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Iger Keeps Taking From Fans, Now They Want To Cancel Disney

Fans want to cancel Disney Plus

Since his return, Disney CEO Bob Iger has had a pattern when it comes to earnings calls. He usually gives Disney fans something just before he takes even more away. For a while, it appeared that Iger was our personal Santa Claus. First, he brought back free parking at Walt Disney World Resorts, but that was more about sticking it ...

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New Disney Bundle Coming Soon!

New Disney Streaming Bundle

It’s been just about four years since The Walt Disney Company launched its very own streaming platform, Disney+. Disney+ was launched in November 2019, but it was not the only streamer owned by Disney. Earlier that year — in May 2019 — Comcast relinquished its majority shares in Hulu to Disney. Because Disney owned both streamers, as well as ESPN, ...

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ANOTHER Price Increase Coming to Disney+

Disney Plus Price increase

On August 9, The Walt Disney Company held its third-quarter earnings call. Many tuned in to hear what Bob Iger had to say as the company deals with striking writers and actors, lower theme park attendance, and movies that have flopped in theaters. Iger maintained a positive attitude as he spoke about the changes being made within the company to ...

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Crackdown on Password Sharing Coming to Disney+

Disney Plus password sharing

In November 2019, the Walt Disney Company got in on the streaming game and launched its very own streaming platform, Disney+. Disney+ was the ultimate place for Disney fans to find their favorite movies and television shows. In addition to a library full of classics like Sleeping Beauty, Disney also created a ton of original content for fans to enjoy. At ...

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Disney Invests in the “Most Challenging” Global Market, Continues Cutting US Disney+ Content

disney investing india streaming

As the Disney+ library hemorrhages content in the US, the Walt Disney Company is in talks to expand its most successful global streaming audience. Since the Walt Disney Company’s second-quarter earnings call, Disney+ has delivered on its promise to cut content from its library. With former executives like Bob Chapek and Christine McCarthy zeroing in on Disney’s streaming service to ...

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Disney Just “Quietly Canceled” First-Ever Pixar Series Spin-Off

Disney Plus Cancels Win or Lose

For Disney fans who grew up experiencing Walt Disney’s hand-drawn animated magic, it was hard to imagine how the Walt Disney Company could duplicate the success of classics like Snow White (1938) and Bambi (1942). But when the first Pixar film enthralled viewers of all ages with the iconic Toy Story in 1995, longtime Disney fans could see the direction for future ...

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Disney Plus Axes Original Film 7 Weeks After It Airs, Reveals Fatal Flaw in Disney Content

Crater Mckenna Grace Disney Plus

With over 100 original films and television shows and counting dropped from Disney’s streaming service, there’s no telling which project will be next on the chopping block. Three years since Disney launched Disney Plus, the Walt Disney Company continues to move its content around like a Rubik’s cube to perfect its profitability. Since the second-quarter earnings call when Disney CEO ...

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