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Disney Has Indefinitely Postponed Highly Anticipated ‘Princess and the Frog’ Series

princess and the frog, tiana upset

Nearly 15 years ago, Disney released the animated film The Princess and the Frog (2009). The film was a major success, as it featured Disney’s first black princess — Tiana — and brought back the feel of the classic Disney animated film. The film — between its vibrant colors, incredible characters, and amazing music — was an immediate hit. Since ...

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Disney+ Launches Amazing Deal to Attract New Subscribers!

Disney Entertainment

In November 2019, Disney entered the streaming game with the launch of Disney+, the ultimate streaming site for those who love all things Disney. Not only were there a ton of classic Disney movies and television shows on Disney+, but there was also content from Pixar, Marvel, and Lucasfilm. In addition to that, Disney also released some original content, including Behind ...

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Pro-Palestinian Voices Call For Boycott of Taylor Swift’s Concert Film on Disney+

Taylor Swift boycott

It’s been more than five months since Hamas terrorists invaded Israel, and Israel responded by invading the Gaza Strip. In that time, more than 30,000 Palestinians and 1,400 Israelis, most of them civilians, have been killed. The Walt Disney Company has found itself in the middle of this conflict. After donating $1 million to the Magen David Adom, an affiliate of ...

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‘Bluey’ Drops Major Announcement Unlike Anything Its Ever Done Before


The children’s show Bluey has become internationally popular and a lightning rod for controversy. Unlike other shows, the Australian show tackles real-world issues like infertility, death, and miscarriages in a way children can understand. The sensitivity of the topics requires families to watch Bluey together and discuss the issues like the Heeler Family does in the show. Related: We Have Bad News For ...

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Disney Cancels Series Reboot Over R-Rated Storyline

Lizzie McGuire reboot Disney cancelled r-rated

We all have those shows that we grew up on. We fell in love with the characters because we found ourselves in similar situations, but unlike in real life, the characters would always find a way to solve those problems and make everything better in the span of 30 minutes. Eventually, however, we grew up and moved away from that ...

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Apple Shows Its Support for Disney, Cements Collaboration

apple vision pro disney

Apple’s latest, the Apple Vision Pro headset, is going to have special content from Disney+ at its launch, per recent reports. For months now there have been rumors going around that tech giant Apple is going to acquire the Walt Disney Company and save the company from its recent financial woes. It’s no secret that Disney has been going through ...

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Petition Grows to Stop Disney Show About Pregnant Teen Who Falls for the Devil

pauline disney+

Petitions have surfaced online that are working to stop Disney from making its upcoming Pauline… a German show about a pregnant teen who falls for the devil. The Walt Disney Company has historically been known for its family-friendly entertainment; the Disney brand has been built around this. However, recently, some new movies and shows associated with Disney are a little ...

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Frustrated Customers Get Charged for Disney+ They Did NOT Ask For

disney plus dstv

Customers were incredibly frustrated with South African provider DStv for charging them for a Disney+ subscription they did not opt for. Oftentimes, the Walt Disney Company has come under fire for its costs and pricing when it comes to its theme parks and any Disney streaming service like Disney+, Hulu, or ESPN. However, a recent story from South Africa has ...

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