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Genie+ Service Reaches All-Time High In Price

genie looks concerned and disney genie+ logo

The Disney Genie service that replaced Fastpass has certainly been met with lots of negativity from Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort Guests — especially ardent Guests who visit the Disney Parks often — with high prices about the add-on service that Guests can buy for their theme park visits, called Genie+, being one of the many grievances. High ...

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Disney Prices Still Out of Reach for Families, Is Disney Listening?

disney world prices

Guest woes with Disney World prices are not yet over. One family recently expressed concern about the increased prices and even considered holding off on buying tickets until they were reduced. Disney Parks have been touted and have been set up to be the epitome of the family-friendly Disney experience. With entertainment and dining options allowing Guests of all ages ...

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Fans Defend Disney’s Value Resorts


When it comes to Walt Disney World Resort vacations, many Disney enthusiasts (or former Disney enthusiasts) have been saying in recent months that they are being “priced out” and are no longer able to afford Walt Disney World trips. While it is true that Disney prices have often been rising in a variety of departments, ranging from dining to Disney ...

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Disney Restaurant Prices Increase Again Despite Iger’s Return


Many Disney fans have been feeling hopeful about a decrease in Disney Park and Disney Resorts’ high prices, now that former CEO Bob Iger is back — but apparently, price increases are not quite so easy to abolish in every Disney location at such a fast pace. The former CEO Bob Iger is back in his role, and he did ...

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Theme Park Expert Analyzes Disney’s Deliberate Price Increases


There have been many complaints from Walt Disney World Resort Guests and Disneyland Resort Guests when it comes to Disney price increases, since Disney has recently announced Disney Park ticket price increases, Genie+ price increases, Annual Pass price increases, and more. However, according to one theme park expert, these Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World Resort price increases seem to ...

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Disney World Announces More Park Ticket Price Increases


Get ready, Disney fans; the dreaded price increases that so many Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort enthusiasts have been complaining about are in fact rearing their ugly heads once again! According to journalist Scott Gustin, “Starting Dec. 8, Walt Disney World will implement park specific pricing for 1 day 1 park tickets. Prices will vary based on park ...

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Disney Decreases Portions Again, Saving Guests’ “Waistlines”

blue bayou cake portion size comparison

Another day, another disappointment for a Disney Guest — and this time, the restaurant causing a Disneyland Guest’s disappointment is a repeat offender! The Blue Bayou restaurant is considered to be one of the most prestigious and high-end Disneyland restaurants, with New Orleans and Louisiana cuisines like chicken gumbo, jambalaya, and vanilla crème brûlée on its in-demand menu. The restaurant ...

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Journalist Calls Out Disney for Being “Nakedly Greedy”

disney being greedy and rising disney prices

Disney fans have been criticizing Disney and reporting less and less satisfying experiences on their Disney vacations for quite a while now — particularly in connection with rising Disney prices — and these complaints have not gone unnoticed! According to Yahoo! Finance journalist Kevin Wong in a recent article, Disney cannot necessarily be blamed for trying to make as much ...

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Lottery-Winning Couple Saves Money for Disney Trip

mickey and minnie disneyland ticket prices

It’s no secret among Disney fans and frequent Disney Park or Disney Resort Guests that Disney vacations have gotten quite expensive — but apparently, Disney prices have become so high that even a newly-minted millionaire considers a Disney trip to be a significant splurge! Ralph Janzen and Jan Janzen are two British Columbia residents who just won $1 million in ...

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