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Journalist Calls Out Disney for Being “Nakedly Greedy”

disney being greedy and rising disney prices

Disney fans have been criticizing Disney and reporting less and less satisfying experiences on their Disney vacations for quite a while now — particularly in connection with rising Disney prices — and these complaints have not gone unnoticed! According to Yahoo! Finance journalist Kevin Wong in a recent article, Disney cannot necessarily be blamed for trying to make as much ...

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Lottery-Winning Couple Saves Money for Disney Trip

mickey and minnie disneyland ticket prices

It’s no secret among Disney fans and frequent Disney Park or Disney Resort Guests that Disney vacations have gotten quite expensive — but apparently, Disney prices have become so high that even a newly-minted millionaire considers a Disney trip to be a significant splurge! Ralph Janzen and Jan Janzen are two British Columbia residents who just won $1 million in ...

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Disney’s Price Rises May Not Be Over

disney vacation club price rise

If the recent price rises that have had fans up in arms were not enough, there are now more rumored price rises on the horizon from Disney. Going to a Disney Park is an experience to be treasured. But Walt Disney World Resort vacations are an expensive choice; decisions from the Walt Disney Company have also begun pricing more and ...

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