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In a Twist of Fate, Lottery Winner Takes His Winnings to Disney World

disney world lottery winner

When it comes to Walt Disney World Resort vacations, it’s no secret that costs can add up. Disney World theme park ticket prices, meals, Disney Resort stays (even when choosing the cheaper-yet-still-enjoyable options), flights, and Disney merchandise can all add up to make for one expensive Disney vacation, especially when an entire family is in on the Florida-based fun. Related: ...

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“My Advice? Don’t Go to Disney”; Frustrated Dad Slams Parks Experience

Frustrated Dad Slams Disney

A Disney vacation has always been an expensive experience, between airfare, hotels, food, park tickets, merchandise, and more. However, most people would have argued that the money was worth the experience. That is not the case as much anymore. Disney is still expensive, but now, the average family is priced out, and a lot of people who visit think that ...

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Travel Expert Passionately Defends Disney’s Value Resorts

disney's all star movies resort

If you ask a Walt Disney World Resort guest (especially a repeat guest) about their favorite Disney resorts, you’re likely to receive a wide variety of responses. Some luxury-loving Disney Fanatics will sing the praises of luxe options like the Grand Floridian or rustic-yet-glamorous options like the Animal Kingdom Lodge; others will insist that something with a tropical vibe, like ...

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Disney’s “Pricing Bubble” Means More and More Families Can’t Visit the Parks

disney pricing out families

Disney’s high prices are certainly not new information; however, their reality is one that is continuing to hit families hard. Going to the Walt Disney World Resort or the Disneyland Resort has been one of the foremost ways of enjoying a family vacation for decades. From the wonderful rides and attractions at Magic Kingdom Park and Disneyland Park, like Space ...

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Disney World Pales in Comparison to This Classic European Park

cinderella castle and tivoli gardens green space

Shots fired! Writer Lana Katsaros has just declared in an Insider article that one of the oldest amusement parks in Europe is far superior to Walt Disney World Resort. As a Florida native, Lana Katsaros has reportedly experienced more than her fair share of Walt Disney World Resort trips and Disney Park days. She has also visited many other theme parks or ...

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“Holy S**t, Prices Nearly Doubled”: Disney World Prices Under Scrutiny Again

disney world prices

Walt Disney World prices are a constant topic of debate among fans, especially considering that the inaccessibility of the Parks has become one big reason that long-loyal fans are now saying goodbye to the Disney Resort. But more and more off-late, this topic has gained popularity simply because of how many fans feel that the Disney experience has dropped in ...

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Is This Affordable for Americans? $10,000 Disney Vacations Have Guests Going Into Debt.

disney vacation price divide

Disney prices are always up for debate and criticism, and the latest reports call to question some concerning realities about the Disney vacation price divide. We at Disney Fanatic have reported on the concerning price rises that Disney has seen over the last year, and unfortunately, every time one might think there isn’t something new, a new critique comes to ...

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Disney Prices Still Out of Reach for Families, Is Disney Listening?

disney world prices

Guest woes with Disney World prices are not yet over. One family recently expressed concern about the increased prices and even considered holding off on buying tickets until they were reduced. Disney Parks have been touted and have been set up to be the epitome of the family-friendly Disney experience. With entertainment and dining options allowing Guests of all ages ...

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Do You Think Disney Hotel Prices Have Increased Unfairly Over the Years? Here’s Some Data!

disney hotels prices

Disney prices have been a point of contention for fans, with many feeling priced out, but a recent post tells us things haven’t changed that much. The Walt Disney World Resort has long been known to be the ultimate spot for a Disney vacation destination. Fans from all over the world flock to the Disney Resort and each Theme Park to ...

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Fan Accuses Disney of ‘Robbing’ Guests After Spending Thousands


It will be no surprise to many Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort Guests to hear that the Walt Disney Company and Disney Parks have been facing many complaints about high prices — even after former CEO Bob Iger has returned and the much-maligned CEO Bob Chapek has left the role. One TikTok user and influencer named Summer Reign ...

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