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Jessica Jones Becomes a “Disney Princess”


If you associate Disney princesses with courage, kindness, and New York City crime, then you can only be thinking of one specific heroine: Jessica Jones. Jessica Jones is technically a Marvel comic character, not a Disney princess — but since the Marvel series Jessica Jones has now been added to the streaming platform Disney+, the actress who plays Jessica has decided ...

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New Book ‘Disney Princess: Beyond the Tiara’ Now Available to Preorder

Attention, Disney Princess fans- A new book all about the history and impact of the Disney Princess is coming out later this year, with preorders now available! Disney Princess: Beyond the Tiara will explore the legacy of each Disney princess and share insight into their creation, history, and impact on fans everywhere. The book is authored by Emily Zemler, a ...

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The Best Disney Princess Red Carpet Looks

disney princess red carpet

It’s a treat every year when awards season rolls around in Hollywood; beautiful dresses, makeup looks, and entertaining celebrity interviews become everyday fodder for fans as blockbuster movies and indie dramas compete for accolades. Iconic red carpet looks and styles are the bread and butter of these celebrity events — but sometimes, outfits actually become famous for their similarity to ...

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Sunisa Lee Becomes an Olympic Disney Princess

sunisa lee

Disney’s Ultimate Princess Celebration is still going strong, with one particular highlight of the celebration being Disney’s “Modern Heroines” collaboration with ELLE magazine, and the person who is March’s honoree in the collaboration has just been announced! Olympic gymnast Sunisa Lee is the special person being featured as the Modern Heroine of the month. These Disney princess heroines are chosen ...

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12 Playlists Fit For a Princess to Listen to Now

Like many of you awesome Disney Fanatics, I know the words of all the Disney Princess songs you could think of and have sung them a thousand times. I’ve wholeheartedly whistled while I worked at school, posed at the edge of a poolside wishing I was part of Ariel’s world, imagined painting with the “Colors of the Wind” with Pocahontas, ...

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Try This “Tiana Toast” Recipe from the Ultimate Princess Celebration

princess and the frog tiana

The Ultimate Princess Celebration is still going strong with special events and honorees, but now there are some Disney princess recipes for Disney fanatics to try, too! Check out this recipe for “Tiana Toast” (inspired by New Orleans chef Tiana from the 2009 animated movie The Princess and the Frog) shared as part of the celebration! Some Disney recipes can ...

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‘Disney Princess – The Concert’ Receives Negative Reviews

disney princess concert

With Disney princess performers like Susan Egan, Anneliese van der Pol, Syndee Winters, and Courtney Reed, it seems like Disney Princess – The Concert would have been a slam dunk with Disney fans. However, reviews on the Princess Blog suggest otherwise! Although the talented women singing in the concert are renowned singers and concert attendees praised their talents, it seems ...

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Disney Animation Shares Original Test Footage of ‘Cinderella’


It’s the Disney princess Cinderella’s 72nd anniversary today, February 15, and Disney Animation has chosen to honor this beloved princess character by sharing some glimpses of the “pencil test footage” that was used behind the scenes by inspiring Walt Disney animators to create the iconic ballroom dance between Cinderella and her Prince Charming! Check it out in the Tweet below! ...

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