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OpEd: Other Princesses Evolved, But Cinderella Stayed Behind


Lots of Disney princesses have been getting modern makeovers in recent years, particularly with live-action adaptations of their classic movies, but as a Disney princess fan I’ve noticed that not all Disney princesses are shifting with the times. Both Snow White and Sleeping Beauty are receiving the live-action treatment (with Sleeping Beauty’s live-action Maleficent movies already released and Snow White’s ...

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Disney Characters Get a Hilarious Modern Makeover

If comics like these and Disney memes are any indication, Disney fans never really get tired of seeing beloved Disney characters or iconic Disney princesses being placed in funny modern situations or merged with other pop culture references. One artist on Instagram, OneFairyFail, has gained a large following with her Disney character memes and Disney-inspired artwork. Whether it’s placing Disney ...

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OpEd: Can Disney Fans Make Our Own Princesses?

fanmade disney princesses

Disney princesses have always had their own fans, with the occasional Disney fan preferring the classic iconic Disney princesses Snow White, Cinderella, and Sleeping Beauty (also known as Aurora or Briar Rose) while other fans have gravitated towards the more modern Disney heroines who shun romance and sport more realistic body types, such as Moana or Luisa Madrigal. But with ...

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“Every CEO of a Company Is a Disney Princess”: Susan Egan Discusses Disney Heroines

susan egan disney princess concert

Susan Egan has many impressive credits as an actress, singer, and producer, but she is best known for her two Disney roles: the official Disney princess Belle in the original Broadway production of Beauty and the Beast and the Disney heroine Megara in Hercules (1997). Susan is currently touring with Disney Princess – The Concert alongside other Disney princess actresses (including Courtney ...

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Anastasia Joins ‘Disney Princess – the Concert’

anastasia disney princes

Although the singer, producer, and actress Susan Egan is known for many performances and projects ranging from Modern Family to Amphibia, it is undeniable that Disney fans know her best for her Disney roles as Belle in Beauty and the Beast on Broadway and Megara in Hercules (1997)! Susan Egan is currently touring with Disney Princess – the Concert, which ...

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“I’m Not Right for That Role”: Why Susan Egan Almost Skipped Her Belle Audition

susan egan belle

Even musical theatre icons or Broadway stars get cold feet sometimes and experience self-doubt, and the fan-favorite Disney actress Susan Egan just shared one of her pivotal moments of self-consciousness during an interview on the D23 Podcast! Many Disney fans already know that Susan Egan originated the role of Belle in Disney’s first-ever Broadway production of Beauty and the Beast, but ...

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Channeling Mulan during the Lunar New Year? Try this New Makeup Collection

mulan makeup

The Lunar New Year has begun, so it’s the perfect time to pay a little homage to the Disney princess Mulan! The Instagram account Disney Princess Style has been promoting some of the newest and most popular Disney Mulan merchandise in honor of the holiday, and we’ve got the details about the Disney Mulan makeup collection that made the list! ...

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shopDisney Update: New Tiana Dress Joins the Disney Dress Shop Collection

The Dress Shop offers some of the most fashionable Disney looks, with many pieces inspired by Walt Disney World or Disneyland theme park attractions, Disney Princess films, classic animated films, and more. While you can find the full Dress Shop collection in Disney Parks, some of our favorite pieces have made their way to shopDisney, including this brand new Tiana ...

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