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This Indie Brand Has One-of-A-Kind Alice in Wonderland Makeup

As we all know by now, Disney doesn’t just stick to one category when they’re advertising a Disney movie or a Disney character. One only needs to look at the thousands of items with Disney princesses on them to see that there’s a wide variety of offerings, and one of the biggest categories is makeup! However, even though official Disney ...

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Emily Blunt Sparkles Like A Disney Princess In Animal-Friendly Makeup

The Disney actress Emily Blunt has impressed Disney World fans many times over, whether it’s been through her performance in Mary Poppins Returns, her role as the intrepid and beautiful Dr. Lily Houghton in The Jungle Cruise, or the natural charisma that she’s displayed during countless talk show interviews (see the musical montage she did with costar Lin-Manual Miranda, below, ...

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Disney Cast Members Reveal Behind-the-Scenes ‘World Princess Week’ Secrets

It’s World Princess Week right now, and we’ve been keeping a close eye on the celebrations, as well as which mystery princess gets the lucky honor every day. So far Princess Tiana, Cinderella, and Moana have all been featured, with special events, desserts, and merchandise on their respective magical days! But what goes into these events? Disney has released an ...

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Cinderella Stars in Day Two of World Princess Week

Just yesterday, Disney’s World Princess Week began. This “Ultimate Princess Celebration” features a different princess each day throughout this week: yesterday was Tiana, and today is Cinderella. Since this is an international event, Cinderella-specific events and offerings will be available at different Disney resorts around the world! In Disney World, Cinderella’s castle is sporting a new gold crest on its ...

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A Special Disney Princess Event Begins

For some people, today is just August 23rd. For anyone who loves Disney, plucky heroines, or flouncy dresses, it’s the start of World Princess Week! This week is part of Disney’s Ultimate Princess Celebration, an event that purportedly begins with a “a 7-day celebration of the Disney Princesses, Frozen Queens and the courage & kindness they bring to the world”. Each day ...

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This Is What Happens When Disney Princesses Swap Outfits


Do you want to build a . . . sandcastle? These clothing swaps are amazing! Have you ever noticed similarities between the Disney Princesses and wondered what they would look like in another setting, hairstyle, or outfit? Now is your chance! Check out these outfit-swaps with some of our favorite princesses!

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Can You Guess Where Your Favorite Disney Princesses Are ACTUALLY From?


Disney Princesses hail from all four corners of the earth! We love that Disney has always searched out favorite folk tales from different countries. There is something truly special about having a Princess that shares the important folk tale from your own country! We grew up with these amazing stories being told to us by our grandparents and love seeing ...

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7 Things We Love About Akershus Royal Banquet Hall


Akershus Royal Banquet Hall is a magical restaurant located in the Norwegian pavilion of Epcot. This sought after restaurant has authentic Norwegian cuisine and offers the opportunity to meet and take pictures with a handful of your favorite princesses. Everything here is just wonderful, from the setting, to the food, to the characters you get to interact with. Here are ...

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