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TikToker Accuses Prince Charming of “Foot Fetish” in Hilarious Viral Video

disney cinderella prince charming

Even though many other Disney Princesses have followed her, the original Cinderella from the 1950 animated Disney movie is still an iconic Disney heroine with a penchant for animals, an often-underappreciated inner strength, and a knack for impromptu dancing. Prince Not-So-Charming Cinderella’s love interest Prince Charming tends to fade into the background more than Cinderella does (and as we know, ...

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“We All Struggle”: ‘Frozen 3’ Star Opens Up About Mental Health Challenges

These days, Disney Princess fans are more likely to discuss the upcoming¬†Frozen¬†podcast, the voice acting cast for that podcast, or the rumors about Elsa’s romance in the upcoming Frozen 3¬†animated movie than they are to discuss the phenomenon that was “Let It Go” back in 2013. Songs like “Into the Unknown” and “Show Yourself” stole the show in the film’s ...

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Fans Are Demanding Live-Action Remakes Starring These “Disney Princesses”

AI disney princesses

When it comes to Disney Princesses, Disney fans tend to have a lot of opinions on everything from Disney Princess romances to Disney princesses’ appearances. A topic that has been more controversial than these Disney Princess topics as of late, however, has been Artificial Intelligence (also known as AI)! Disney fans have been using AI to create humorous creatures like ...

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Disney Fans Lose It Over Jack Black/Disney Princess Mashup

jack black as disney princesses

The Disney-loving online community can be an upsetting or uplifting space for many Disney Fanatics, but one particularly controversial element of this digital world involves Artificial Intelligence. Artificial Intelligence (also known as AI) has been used by Disney fans to create everything from simulations of bizarre Disney wedding dresses to comical blobfish princesses to bloodthirsty Disney Princess warriors.  There seems ...

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Does This Violent ‘Prey’ Heroine Count as a “Disney Princess”?

disney princess prey

As we have previously established, Prey is absolutely not a child-friendly Disney movie. The gory and violent movie follows a Native American woman named Naru as she engages in a high-stakes game of cat-and-mouse with a murderous alien who arrives in the Great Plains back in 1719. The Comanche woman proves herself to be an admirable warrior, and she is portrayed ...

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Esmeralda and Tinker Bell Have Been Cancelled as Disney Princesses: Here’s Why

disney princesses

Disney Fanatics often refer to all Disney heroines as “Disney Princesses” (although the more hardcore Disney Fanatics might be more specific about their labels), but the reality is that not all female Disney protagonists are royal characters. Some characters (like Princess Tiana from the 2009 film The Princess and the Frog) marry into their Disney Princess status. Others are born ...

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New ‘Snow White’ Faces More Backlash for “Making It Forbidden To Love a Man”

snow white rachel zegler

Many Disney Fanatics and movie theater visitors have cottoned on to the fact that Disney is making a conscious effort to be more progressive and more inclusive. This has alienated some Disney fans and pleased others, but when it comes to the upcoming live-action Snow White remake starring West Side Story actress Rachel Zegler, public opinions seem to be tilting in a generally ...

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Aurora vs Snow White: Fans Pit Disney Princesses Against Each Other

disney princesses

The Disney princesses are all about being brave and kind — and, if possible, wearing some cute outfits along the way — but Disney fans are sometimes lacking when it comes to exhibiting their favorite characters’ characteristics in their own lives. Now, Disney fans have begun to pit two Disney princess actresses against one another: seasoned Hollywood veteran Elle Fanning, ...

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Are Disney Princesses Allowed to Fall in Love Anymore? Fans Spark Hot Debate

disney princess romance

The Disney princesses of old are still beloved Disney characters in the eyes of many Disney Fanatics — especially Disney Adults and young children who revel in Disney Park’s Character Meet and Greets — but these days, there are some negative connotations associated with the Disney heroines. The new¬†Snow White¬†and¬†Little Mermaid¬†movies both feature heroines who focus less on falling in ...

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