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Lightning Completely Disables Disney Park

disney world animal kingdom storm

Even though many Disney Fanatics try to plan their Walt Disney World Resort or Disneyland Resort vacations meticulously — whether those obstacles might be a serious injury or a disruptive Youtuber — there a myriad of things that can go wrong. One particularly consistent disruption, that absolutely cannot be circumvented, is weather! Whether a Disney vacation is a rainy trip ...

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Disney Disturbs Guests By Gutting Attraction In Plain View After Controversial Closure


Walt Disney World Resort, Disneyland Resort, and Disney Parks worldwide are typically associated with organization and efficiency. After all, systems like the Utilidor are in place to help keep Disney magical for Guests and hide ‘unsightly’ factors in a theme park, such as trash or repairs. However, Disney has been flagging a bit lately — or quite a bit, if ...

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Animal Kingdom Favorite’s Return Is Confirmed


If you have a strong love of certain Disney water rides, and the Animal Kingdom, and you’re not opposed to a little cold weather, then good news! The popular ride called Kali River Rapids, which is located in the Asia section of the Animal Kingdom Disney Park, is coming back at the start of spring in Walt Disney World Resort! ...

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Disney World Randomly Shuts Down Expedition Everest


Disney fans have been on an emotional roller coaster in recent weeks as the Walt Disney Company has experienced upheaval in the form of CEO Bob Chapek’s exit and former CEO Bob Iger’s return, but they have also been experiencing dismay and disappointment as Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort rides have continuously broken down in “ridiculous” quantities, and ...

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Space Mountain Closes Today at Disney Park

space mountain disneyland paris

Disney is constantly working, and reworking rides for refurbishment, and now Space Mountain is next on the list. Refurbishment is part and parcel of the Disney experience. Guests know to expect that for their favorite rides to be as magical as they are, they need to close down and undergo maintenance so that they can continue to provide the Disney ...

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Disney Announces Iconic Ride’s Return

matterhorn bobsleds

In a move that will please many Disney fans and Guests, Disney has announced the return date for a classic ride. Many rides at the Walt Disney World Resort, the Disneyland Resort, and the other Disney Parks, are routinely closed for refurbishment. Each of these rides returns in a staggered schedule for reopening so that Guests can still enjoy the ...

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Closing Date for Magic Kingdom Classic Is Revealed

liberty square riverboat

Walt Disney World Resort has been in upheaval lately when it comes to Disney Park ride closures or Disney Park attraction renovations — at least, it seems that way to Disney Guests, who are unaware of the inner workings that lead to rides’ alterations or closures! Most Disney fans are busy being upset about the upcoming permanent closure of the ...

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