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When Will Disney Pay Attention? Classic Attraction in Disarray

it's a small world disney

It’s a sad day when fans expose the lack of maintenance and care that goes into some of Disney’s classic and beloved attractions at the parks. While the Walt Disney Company is busy making big strides through Walt Disney Imagineering to address the retheme of rides like Splash Mountain. We noted the ride had some record-breaking wait times for fans ...

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Disney Guests Languish in Broken-Down Ride Before Uncomfortable Evacuation

El chapo disneyland railroad train

Another day, another broken-down Disney ride! Inconvenient malfunctions and traumatizing breakdowns have become constant issues in Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort, so much so that Disney Park Guests actually account for wasted time in their Disney vacation days due to roller coasters’ mechanical problems. Disney’s “Frequent Offenders” Some breakdowns are minor annoyances that happen often enough to label ...

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Splash Mountain’s Disrepair Is Becoming Dangerous for Guests

disneyland splash mountain with hazard symbol

Before the classic Magic Kingdom ride called Splash Mountain closed — forever — in Walt Disney World Resort in Florida, Disney Guests were already seeing signs of dramatic disrepair and reporting frequent ride breakdowns or malfunctions. Many Disney World Guests felt that, since the Disney World version of Splash Mountain was about to be closed down on a permanent basis ...

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Guests Try To Get One Up Over Disney Ride Malfunctions

disneyland guest ride breakdown

A Disney Park Guest recently was on the hunt for statistics of ride breakdowns to try and prevent getting caught in that situation during their upcoming Disney vacation. The Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort are some of the best vacation spots in the world for that quintessential Disney experience and to get a taste of the Disney magic. ...

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Video: ‘Small World’ Animatronic Spotted Missing Head

small world malfunction Disney

Walt Disney World attractions are often very elaborate presentations that feature hundreds of moving parts, and inside classic attractions like “it’s a small world,” it is a common experience to see at least a few of those moving pieces not operating properly. The most common example would be the one animatronic out of the set refusing to move in sync ...

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