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Guests Complain As ‘Star Wars:’ Galaxy’s Edge Ride Languishes in Disrepair

Daisy Ridley on Star Wars

Disney may be an entertainment empire, but that doesn’t mean that each Disney ride is up to the typical standards associated with the company… Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge is a popular Hollywood Studios area with more than one appealing attraction—but not everybody thinks it will remain popular these days because the ride is apparently in some visible distress! In a ...

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Disney World Pushes Guests’ Limits with 12-Hour Ride Breakdown

disney ride breakdowns

We have seen countless incidents involving Disney World or Disneyland rides and roller coaster breakdowns or malfunctions in recent months. Some of these Disney ride incidents involve full-scale evacuations — which serve as a bonus in the minds of some Disney Fanatics, and a bother in the minds of others — while other ride breakdowns have involved special treats for ...

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Disney World Guests Demand Refunds Due to Excessive Ride Breakdowns

disney ride breakdowns

Even though many Disney Fanatics associate Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort (not to mention the international Disney resorts) with “Disney magic,” the fact remains that Disney theme parks are, in fact, theme parks like any other. This means that they also suffer from ride breakdowns, malfunctions, and unexpected closures like any other theme park attractions do (regardless of ...

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Disney Guests Languish in Broken-Down Ride Before Uncomfortable Evacuation

El chapo disneyland railroad train

Another day, another broken-down Disney ride! Inconvenient malfunctions and traumatizing breakdowns have become constant issues in Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort, so much so that Disney Park Guests actually account for wasted time in their Disney vacation days due to roller coasters’ mechanical problems. Disney’s “Frequent Offenders” Some breakdowns are minor annoyances that happen often enough to label ...

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Pirate Fans Rejoice After Disneyland Finally Updates Ride

pirates cheering and jack sparrow animatronic

These days, Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort Guests are becoming more and more disillusioned during their Disney vacations as rides’ disrepair becomes more obvious and ride breakdowns become more common. The Disney ride that inspired the hit Pirates of the Caribbean films is actually so unfortunate when it comes to breakdowns or malfunctions that theme park Guests now allot ...

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Cast Members Comfort Guests During Severe Ride Malfunction

haunted mansion behind the scenes photo from reddit and exterior photo

At any theme park, ride or roller coaster malfunctions and breakdowns are an inevitability. However, Walt Disney World Resort and its West Coast counterpart, Disneyland Resort, seem to be facing an abnormally large number of ride breakdowns in recent months – so much so that Disney Guests have actually started to allow for ride breakdowns as part of their scheduled ...

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Disney World Ride Too Heavy, Gets Stuck With Guests On Board

disney world ride malfunction

One Disney Guest recently shared how a ride at Disney’s Animal Kingdom got stuck because of the extent of the load on the vehicle. Pick any Theme Park of the four at Walt Disney World Resort – Magic Kingdom, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, EPCOT, the Animal Kingdom, or Disneyland Park and Disney California Adventure in Disneyland Resort; any Disney Park is known to be an incredible place for a Disney vacation. They help ...

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Guests Complain As Splash Mountain Falls Further Into Disrepair


A classic Disney ride is on its way out in a very permanent fashion — but unfortunately, this Magic Kingdom Park ride’s grand finale is proving to be very underwhelming for Walt Disney World Resort Guests! Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort Guests have been complaining about the constant ride breakdowns, animatronic malfunctions, and ride evacuations that have plagued ...

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Ride Evacuations from a ‘Disney Adult’ Perspective

Disney Ride Breakdowns

Under most circumstances, attraction malfunctions at Disney Park are received negatively and seen as yet another sign that Cast Members and the powers that be can no longer maintain the level of magic experienced in years past. Like a football fan watching his team’s star receiver drop a touchdown pass when he was wide open, we can only look at ...

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