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Fans Roast Ridiculous Layout of This Disney Attraction

layout disney attraction

Sometimes it is better never to see the magic behind some of your favorite Disney rides. The spectacle of the moment is engaging in the experience for what it is and not how it looks. Disney Imagineers are masters of their craft, but that doesn’t mean their designs cannot look absolutely ridiculous when viewed from a different lens. Fans have ...

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Why Apple Watches, the iPhone 14, and Disney’s Roller Coasters Don’t Match

emergency calls apple watch disney

While Apple’s iPhone 14 is creating waves with its release, sometimes, technology isn’t quite so helpful when on a Disney roller coaster. Being at a Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort Theme Park is an experience worth documenting. With many an attraction and ride imagineered to give Guests the ultimate Disney experience they’re looking for, a Disney Park is ...

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