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Will Tower of Terror Go Beltless After TikTok Craze? Here’s The Truth

seat belts tower terror

It’s been a strange few weeks in the world of Disney. Between the “disturbing” black ring that was seen above Disneyland Resort, snow hitting the Southern California Disney Resort, and fans finding out that the latest Hollywood buzz Cocaine Bear was inspired by a Disney character, some strange events have kept Disney fans on their toes. But what Disney is now ...

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Another Prank? Disney Guest Frightens Onlookers With Burning Castle


We have seen plenty of rumors keeping the rumor mill running in recent months when it comes to Disney news, ranging from the replacement of Mickey Mouse to the permanent closure of the Animal Kingdom Park. Now, another falsehood has taken social media by storm — and this time, it involves the precious Cinderella Castle! While visiting the Magic Kingdom ...

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