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Is Disney About to Turn a Corner or Fall Off a Cliff?

Analysts are split on Disney's future

It’s been a big week for Walt Disney Company CEO Bob Iger. The week began with the announcement that ESPN was joining Penn Entertainment in creating ESPN Bet. It will be Disney’s first venture into the world of sports gambling. Analysts initially met it with rave reviews, but upon further inspection, they weren’t sure that Disney/ESPN got the best deal ...

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Hedge Fund Billionaire Backs Disney CEO Despite Controversies


Walt Disney Company CEO Bob Iger — who recently returned from a well-paid ‘retirement’ position to take the lead role from now-former CEO Bob Chapek — does not seem to be very popular with his co-workers; however, the Disney CEO’s leadership style and plans for Disney (which he recently shared amidst some controversies and in-house shakeups) apparently appealed to at ...

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Disney Stock Drops Again After ‘Avatar 2’ Box Office Weekend

Disney Stock Price

Despite¬†Avatar: The Way of Water¬†grossing nearly half a billion dollars globally over box office debut weekend, The Walt Disney Company‚Äôs stock has dropped to yet another 52-week low as the realized numbers were still below expectations. Related: Theater Owners Say No to ‚ÄėAvatar 2‚Äô After Disney Demands 70% Cut According to CNBC, Shares of Disney dropped¬†on Monday following a weaker-than-expected ...

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Disney Stock Soars After Bob Iger Announcement

Disney Stock

The Walt Disney Company’s stock skyrocketed after the news broke that Bob Iger would reprise his role as CEO effective immediately, removing Bob Chapek from the top. According to The Wall Street Journal, Disney’s stock jumped up 9% in premarket trading Sunday night and Monday morning to more than $100 a share. While it dipped and plateaued slightly, the stock still closed ...

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