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30 Individuals Hired and Tasked With Resurrecting Disney Studio, Told To Bring the “Magic” Back

Disney Snow White

The Walt Disney Company’s 30 hired animators were tasked with bringing the magic and wonder of earlier animated movies back to the studio. Some may say the Walt Disney Animations Studios are the backbone of the House of Mouse. The 62 animated canon movies stretch back to 1937 when Walter Elias Disney and his team released the company’s first-ever feature ...

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Disney, Desperate For a Hit, Pushing For Another ‘Simpsons’ Movie

Disney pushing for another Simpsons movie

If every mistake is a learning opportunity, then the Walt Disney Company has had more than a billion chances to learn expensive lessons over the past year. But if the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, then clearly Disney hasn’t learned anything. Audiences are telling Walt Disney Studios what they want, and Disney hasn’t ...

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Disney Pulled Into Another First Amendment Lawsuit

Disney sued over copyright infringement

Whether it wants to or not, Disney appears to be making legal history with its First Amendment cases. Disney was already knee-deep in two cases involving the First Amendment, and now, they are being dragged into a third. The Supreme Court recently ruled against Disney, saying that a lower court should hear the case of a toymaker suing the Walt ...

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Could a Carousel of Progress Film Be Coming Soon?

Carousel of Progress Scene WDW

Between The Little Mermaid and The Lion King, Disney fans have become familiar with—and often lamented—live-action remakes. Nostalgia is at the forefront of Disney fandom, and Walt Disney certainly wasn’t cranking out CGI films. The hand-drawn classic Disney characters captured Disney fans from the start of Walt Disney Animation Studios, which is why so many enthusiasts have resented the modern adaptations ...

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The Scandalous Penthouse Club Within Disney Studios

Disney penthouse club

The Walt Disney Company has had some rocky waters to navigate as of late. With Governor Ron DeSantis barreling down on the company, many now believe that the entertainment behemoth no longer caters to traditional family values and is too “woke.” Whether that’s true or not is in the eye of the beholder. However, what would you do if you ...

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Disney’s CCO Is Retiring

As Disney’s 50th-anniversary celebrations continue and new behind-the-scenes information is revealed, a happy but bittersweet change is also coming to Disney Studios. Alan Horn, the Chief Creative Officer of Disney Studios Content, is retiring in December at the age of 78! Although Alan had only been “at the Burbank, CA lot” for nine years, he’s had almost 50 years of ...

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