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“Is There Something Wrong With Me?”: Questioned and Shamed, Disney Guilt is the Newest Dis-Ease

guilt disney world vacation

A guest recently asked fellow fans if they also suffered from what she termed “Disney guilt” after being questioned once again about Disney World. Disney fans and guests can all attest to the incredibly magical and incredible experience a Disney vacation provides to people of all generations from around the world. The allure of a Disney theme park visit is ...

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Five Packing Essentials for This Summer’s Disney Vacation

Disney Dole Whip

With Memorial Day Weekend not too far away, we can almost taste summer—which means the summer Disney travelers will be flocking to the parks in no time. While it may seem like we still have time until summer vacation, true Disney Fanatics know it’s never too early to plan a trip to the parks. School won’t be in session, but ...

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Family Trip to Walt Disney World Resulted In Fines and Shuns, Labeled “Criminal Activity”

man in handcuffs, cinderella castle in background

One family’s Disney trip was reduced to “criminal activity” when they found themselves heavily fined for something most families would consider totally normal. It is by no means news that a Disney vacation has become unbelievably expensive for many many Disney fans. A complaint that arose most prominently during former Disney CEO Bob Chapek’s time and then has remained constant ...

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Social Media Calls Kids Spoiled For “Expecting” Disneyland Trip

Disney World Christmas surprise gone wrong on Tiktok

Christmas morning went wrong for one family after two children assumed their big gift was a surprise vacation to Disneyland Resort. The young Disney Park fans were opening gifts from their grandparents when one of them suggested that the themed gifts implied a trip to The Happiest Place on Earth. Nicole Paine (@nicole.paine) shared the short video of her kids ...

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“Awful” Husband SLAMMED for Jealousy About Wife’s Disney World Trip

jealous husband disney world

A husband was called out by Disney fans for his jealous and “awful” behavior regarding his wife’s upcoming Disney World vacation. Going to the Walt Disney World Resort is known to be one of the most magical experiences you can have, particularly if you’re a Disney fan. However, while this is the case, in recent years, a Disney vacation has ...

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In a Twist of Fate, Lottery Winner Takes His Winnings to Disney World

disney world lottery winner

When it comes to Walt Disney World Resort vacations, it’s no secret that costs can add up. Disney World theme park ticket prices, meals, Disney Resort stays (even when choosing the cheaper-yet-still-enjoyable options), flights, and Disney merchandise can all add up to make for one expensive Disney vacation, especially when an entire family is in on the Florida-based fun. Related: ...

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Aunt Forced to Cancel Disney Vacation With Niece After “Manipulative” Sister-in-Law Makes Demands

disney world cancel

A woman canceled her Disney World vacation with her niece when her sister-in-law, the child’s mother, demanded she tag along with the pair for free. Going to the Walt Disney World Resort in Central Florida or the Disneyland Resort is a dream come true for many. People from all over the world flock to the Disney resort to have their ...

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Disney Characters Share Special Moments with Chronically-Ill Child

disney world trip sick child

When it comes to Disney magic, there are a wide variety of magical incidents or moments that have come out of the Disney Fanatic community. Sometimes, Disney magic appears in a brief but life-saving interaction between Disney character performers and Disney theme park visitors. Sometimes, the magic moments are happy stories (or extremely tragic stories) about Disney fans located far away ...

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Is Disney World Attendance on the Rise After Low Summer Crowds?

Disney World attendance

Disney World appears to be experiencing a surge in attendance after the traditional summer vacation season has ended. While the Florida theme park suffered a bit of a downtrend in recent months, wait times seem to be holding or even increasing lately. However, outside of additional crowds, there may be a few more reasons surrounding this, according to park visitors ...

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Young Girl Alleges Parents Confined Her to Hotel Room During Disney Vacation

confined to Disney hotel

Some stories are just entirely tragic for all parties involved. However, how a situation is handled plays a major part in who is considered the villain of the tale. One young girl recently took to social media seeking validation for her outburst against her brother. What she revealed during the story’s context is shocking and heartbreaking to read, yet a ...

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