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Couple Visits Both Disney World and Disneyland During One Jam-Packed Day

disney adults vacation at disney world and disneyland

Disney Adults these days are a dime a dozen in the Disney Parks at Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort — but one happily-married couple has just made themselves stand out as hardcore Disney Fanatics by paying visits to Disney World and Disneyland on the same day! With Disney World being based in Florida and Disneyland being located in ...

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Cast Members Watch As Disney Guests Rapidly Vanish

New York TImes audiences stopped listening to Disney

If you ask a Disney Fanatic about the pros and cons of a Walt Disney World Resort vacation these days, the resulting list will most likely involve high prices and jam-packed crowds. After all, a Disney vacation these days is often associated with long wait times for rides or attractions, ride breakdowns or malfunctions that add to those already-long wait ...

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Disney World’s ‘Biggest’ Fans Retreat to Magic Kingdom After Scandal

The Radford family in front of Cinderella Castle at Walt Disney World Resort.

If you’re a frequent Walt Disney World Resort visitor and Disney Fanatic, then you may have already heard of the Radford family. If you’re a Disney fan from the United Kingdom, then it’s far more likely that you have! The Radfords are Britain’s largest family, as well as the subject of the reality TV show 22 and Counting. They also happen ...

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Real-Life ‘Evil Stepmother’? Woman Refuses to Bring Stepchild on Disney Trip

woman leaves stepchild out of disney vacation

With Disney vacations often comes family drama, and in one recent instance, that family drama featured a classic Disney theme: Stepmothers. According to, a woman mentioned that she received backlash after she decided to take her toddler to Disneyland Paris and leave her stepchild behind. She took to the forum for validation after her husband got upset with the ...

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Child Donates His ‘Disney World Fund’ to Ukraine

ukraine disney donation

People all over the world have been trying to provide humanitarian assistance to the people of Ukraine during the Russian invasion, and social media has allowed people to connect in many emotional ways while providing urgent aid. The little Ukrainian girl Amelia who sang Disney’s Frozen song “Let It Go” from within a makeshift bunker received support from Frozen celebrities ...

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Win Big Princess: 13 Sweepstakes With Prizes Fit for a Disney Princess

Living life like a Disney Princess means dreaming big because when we dream big in life, we can make our own magic. Still, every once in a while, we need a wishing well, fairy godmother or magic lamp to lend some assistance. So, for every princess-at-heart out there dreaming big, here are 13 official sweepstakes you can enter online now ...

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