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Mother Gothel Might Actually Be Another Disney Villain

Disney Villain

From the moment Disney fans met Tangled’s Mother Gothel in 2010, she made a huge impression. From her hazelnut soup recipe to her penchant for kidnapping children from their unsuspecting royal parents, Mother Gothel is a woman of many talents. Related: Disney CEO Confirms More ‘Tangled’ Coming to Disney Parks As it turns out, some Disney fans think that Mother Gothel ...

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Disney Fans Are Learning the Heartbreaking Truth About This Iconic Villain

comic book scar and movie scar from the lion king

Hardcore Disney Fanatics will already be aware that Scar the lion — aka the Disney villain from The Lion King (1994) and the uncle of Simba the protagonist — was a misunderstood character whose villainy stemmed from being mistreated by Mufasa (and other lions aside from his brother) as a lion cub. Taka’s Traumas However, Scar (who became burdened by the ...

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The Original Ursula Reveals the Truth About Her Character

pat carroll and ursula

As the new Little Mermaid makes its rounds in theaters, more and more attention is being paid to the original 1989 animated film that inspired the new Halle Bailey movie — and in the process, a staggering truth about Ursula the villainous sea witch has been revealed! The Disney villain Ursula is a very popular Disney character (inspired by the original Hans ...

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Iconic Disney Villain to Get His Own “Villainous” Series

hades hercules television series

Disney villains are some of the most important characters in Disney films. While not the primary protagonists of the films and series, they play a crucial role in the narratives by challenging the heroes and adding depth to the stories. Lately, Disney has taken to retelling villain stories, giving many of them live-action remakes and working on sharing a different ...

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Kylie Jenner Embraces Her Inner ‘Disney Villain’

kylie jenner evil queen

Even though many Disney Fanatics love Disney princesses or Pixar heroes, some Disney fans are all about Disney villains. Judging by reality television star and celebrity Kylie Jenner’s recent style choices, she seems to be a supporter of the latter! Kylie Jenner made waves recently when she wore a distinctly villainous outfit at the Schiaparelli spring 2023 presentation; Schiaparelli is ...

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Two Disney Villains Team Up to Solve a Murder

Two Disney Villains team up to solve one murder. One is a fierce fashion designer in London who runs her empire with an iron fist. The other is a clumsy career criminal who works as a hired hand under the orders of a woman who might be mistaken for a devil. They are soon transformed, by the talent of the ...

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Want Disney Villain Loungewear? ‘Disney Princess Style’ Has Released the Perfect Gift Guide for You

Many Disney princess fans have been following ‘Disney Princess Style’ and its ongoing “Twelve Days of Disney Princess” sweepstakes, which has involved twelve days of collaboration between Disney Princess Style and influencers or bloggers. On each of the twelve days, one digital creator has been partnering with Disney Princess Style and highlighting certain Disney-inspired products in keeping with that day’s ...

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A Disney Villain Gift Guide Has Been Released For The Holidays

Disney Villains

While fans of Disney princesses (whether they’ve been classic Disney princesses like Belle or more modern princesses like Moana) have been enjoying the “12 Days of Disney Princess” Sweepstakes that began this week, there are some Disney fanatics who prefer Disney villains–and if you’re among the latter, then you may want to check out the Disney villain-themed gift guide from ...

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This Eco-Friendly Makeup Brand Has Added Some Disney Villain Inspiration to Its Collection

Are You More Maleficent Or The Evil Queen?

Since Disney princesses are all about natural beauty and understated glamour, it makes sense that they would have their own makeup lines (especially this limited-edition one for the Ultimate Princess Celebration!) — but sometimes Disney villains serve as the inspiration for makeup collections, too! The indie brand Tower 28 Beauty, which is a vegan and sustainability-focused brand for people with ...

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Want A Halloween or Disney Villain Wedding? Here’s The Perfect Setting For You

While we all love a frothy, whimsical Disney wedding, the rise of autumn and the ongoing Halloween celebrations mean that many Disney fans or engaged Disney-loving couples are looking for something darker and less “fairy tale” for their weddings. Disney Fairy Tale Weddings is well aware of this, and actually took to Instagram to share their take on a Disney ...

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