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The Original Ursula Reveals the Truth About Her Character

pat carroll and ursula

As the new Little Mermaid makes its rounds in theaters, more and more attention is being paid to the original 1989 animated film that inspired the new Halle Bailey movie — and in the process, a staggering truth about Ursula the villainous sea witch has been revealed! The Disney villain Ursula is a very popular Disney character (inspired by the original Hans ...

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The 7 Most Iconic Disney Villains That We Love to Loathe

Disney Villains

Disney princesses and their sidekicks tend to get all the spotlight in our favorite Disney movies. The triumphant story of Mulan defying the odds, the charming musical stylings of the Caribbean crab Sebastian, and the hilarious plight of Pumba have delivered the songs and quotes that have altered the brain chemistry of Disney fans for decades. But the unsung anti-heroes ...

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Is Pixar to be Blamed for Disappearance of Disney Villains?

disney villains disappearance

Beginning with Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs in 1937, Disney animated classics, AKA Disney animated feature films, are a renowned collection of animated films produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios, a division of The Walt Disney Company, that have captivated audiences of all ages for decades. Disney’s animated features are known for compelling storytelling, memorable characters, and enchanting musical numbers; many ...

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Serena Williams Chooses Questionable Disney Villain Baby Names

gaston lefou and shere khan stare at serena williams

Tennis champion Serena Williams might be a Disney princess in the eyes of many of her adoring fans, but the professional athlete and celebrity is apparently leaning towards a Disney villain theme for her unborn child! Serena Williams already has one daughter named Olympia, but she is expecting a second child with her husband Alexis Ohanian (shown below with Serena ...

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Beautiful “Realistic” Villains Enchant Disney Fans

realistic versions of gaston the evil queen and jafar

Disney villains from Disney animated movies are known for many things, including charisma, vengefulness, and eyeliner that is (as Jafar recently put it) “on point.” However, one TikTok user has just discovered another Disney villain asset: good looks that transcend all mediums, be they old-school animation or modern AI images! AI generators are essentially artificial intelligence systems that translate photos ...

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Disney Imagineer Shares Thoughts on Villains Land Expansion

Villains Land Disney World Expansion

The future of Disney Parks appears to include bold plans of expansion, and one “blue sky” project appears to have more than just fans wishing that it come true. At the D23 Expo last September, Chairman of Disney Parks, Experiences, and Products, Josh D’Amaro revealed what Walt Disney Imagineers call “Blue Sky” plans designed for possible expansion of Walt Disney ...

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Kylie Jenner Embraces Her Inner ‘Disney Villain’

kylie jenner evil queen

Even though many Disney Fanatics love Disney princesses or Pixar heroes, some Disney fans are all about Disney villains. Judging by reality television star and celebrity Kylie Jenner’s recent style choices, she seems to be a supporter of the latter! Kylie Jenner made waves recently when she wore a distinctly villainous outfit at the Schiaparelli spring 2023 presentation; Schiaparelli is ...

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Is ‘Coco’ Coming to the Magic Kingdom?

Coco Thunder Mountain

What if there was more to Disney World’s Magic Kingdom Park?  There were a lot of thought-provoking “what-if” questions being posed by the Parks Panel at the D23 Expo today, particularly those that teased a very likely vision for a future expansion waiting just beyond the Big Thunder Mountain attraction in Frontierland. Related: D23 UPDATE: Villains Land Teased For Disney ...

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Disney World Guests Complain as Disneyland Receives Bonus Villains

oogie boogie bash villains

These days, Walt Disney World Resort Guests are finding a whole lot to complain about on their Disney vacations in Florida. Some Guests are complaining about roller coasters or rides that are in disrepair (including the soon-to-be-gone Splash Mountain), Disney’s increase in restrictions, and Disney’s involvement in Florida politics. Other Guests are actually the cause of complaints, whether they are ...

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Permanent Disney Villains’ ‘Lair’ Finally Coming to Disney World

Disney Villains Lounge

After decades of discussion among Disney fans, whether it was speculation or just sharing one’s hopes and dreams, it appears that the Walt Disney World Resort will finally add a permanent space where Guests will be able to immerse themselves among Disney Villains year-round. There is just one problem: this lair will not be open to everyone. Related: Enter Our ...

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