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Rumors Abound Taylor Swift & Travis Kelce are Planning a Disney Wedding: Here’s the Truth

taylor swift travis kelce disney wedding

A viral video alleges that Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce are not only engaged but are also having a Disney wedding… but how true are the claims? We jumped into fact-checking! There have been many rumors that have made their presence known over the years. From the alleged removal of Cinderella Castle (a rumor that circulated online both last year ...

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Dear Brides: No, Your Guests Don’t Actually Care About Your Wedding’s “Disney” Details

disney weddings

These days, Disney Fairy Tale Weddings can be extravagant occasions (and some Disney Fanatics actually like them so much, that they return for repeat ceremonies no matter the price!). We’ve seen quite a few elaborate Disney weddings in recent years — whether or not they are official Disney Fairy Tale Weddings that take place in Walt Disney World Resort or ...

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Has This Happy Couple Just Broken a Disney Wedding Record?

disney wedding

These days, there are Disney Fanatics who feel so passionate about Disney’s stories and Disney’s characters that they will allegedly pay as much as $35,000 for a VHS copy of the 1991 Beauty and the Beast movie. With such ardent fans in the mix, it’s no surprise that some Disney fans also choose to incorporate Disney magic into their wedding days, too! ...

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Disney Fan Tragically Passes Away Before Her “Cinderella” Wedding

disney funeral

Disney fans might complain about changes to their favorite theme parks or updates to their favorite animated movie characters, but one of the most important elements of Disney magic is the way in which it allows people of all ages and backgrounds to bond. Anyone who loves a certain Disney Princess can light up and enjoy an engaging conversation with ...

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Couple Visits Both Disney World and Disneyland During One Jam-Packed Day

disney adults vacation at disney world and disneyland

Disney Adults these days are a dime a dozen in the Disney Parks at Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort — but one happily-married couple has just made themselves stand out as hardcore Disney Fanatics by paying visits to Disney World and Disneyland on the same day! With Disney World being based in Florida and Disneyland being located in ...

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Meet the Adorable New Addition to Cinderella’s Story

white horse cinderella carriage disney world weddings

The iconic Disney princess and fairy tale heroine Cinderella might feel like her star is fading — or at least, the original version of her star — since her 1950 animated movie has been outshined by the 2015 Lily James film and since the original 1950 movie has just undergone a big change. However, Cinderella is still among the most ...

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Disney’s Rising Prices Leave Bridesmaid Frustrated and Financially Burdened

Disney wedding expensive

Planning a dream wedding can be an exhilarating experience, but it often comes with a hefty price tag. Disney World, known for its magical allure, has become a sought-after wedding destination, especially with its gorgeous wedding pavilion. However, the exorbitant costs of tying the knot at the iconic theme park have frustrated one bridesmaid. This article delves into the rising ...

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Disney Adult Told to “Grow up” and “Take Down” Disney Decorations Before Hosting Sister’s Wedding 

Alice and Wonderland Set

There’s nothing quite as special as the day your baby sister gets to marry the man of her dreams. A real-life fairytale with an elegant white dress, heartfelt speeches, and magical memories is something anyone can appreciate—especially someone with an affinity for the Most Magical Place on Earth. Made up of stories featuring enchanting princesses, triumphant characters, and a host ...

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Are These Disney Wedding Venues Tacky?

Disneyland Wedding

Just this month, the world caught a glimpse of what a real royal wedding looks like when Princess Iman of Jordan married New Yorker, Jameel Alexander Thermiotis. There were stunning gowns, beautiful flowers, and of course a tiara. We’re not swooning, you are!! View this post on Instagram A post shared by Queen Rania Al Abdullah (@queenrania) So many of ...

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‘Happily Ever After’ Singer Delights Audience With Surprise Performance

jordan fisher and angie keilhauer singing next to cinderella castle

Even if Disney fans have been finding plenty of issues to complain about on their Disney vacations or visits to Disney Parks, there are still some heartwarming and magical moments that present themselves as reminders of the Disney magic that attracted those devoted fans in the first place. One heaping dose of Disney magic has often been presented to Disney ...

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