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FOX News Host Accuses Disney of “Woke and Worthless” Decision About Splash Mountain

splash mountain-cancelled

Even though the Magic Kingdom ride called Splash Mountain is leaving forever in late January, many Disney fans are still not happy about the ride’s removal from Walt Disney World Resort (and the to-be-announced removal of the Disneyland Park ride location too) — and apparently, one high-profile Fox News host is one of those pro-Splash Mountain individuals! Fox News host ...

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Disney Receives Bad Grades On Its Inclusivity ‘Report Card’


Many people — including Florida Governor Ron DeSantis — have accused the Walt Disney Company (and specifically Walt Disney World Resort) of being “woke” or overly progressive in its policies. However, there is at least one institution that actually doesn’t think that Disney is up to snuff in the progressive or inclusive category! Instead of calling Disney “woke”, as anyone ...

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Disney World Faces Backlash After Failing to Remove Offensive Tweet


The Walt Disney Company and its Disney Parks or Disney Resorts have developed a bit of a reputation as a “woke” establishment — particularly in Florida, where Walt Disney World Resort has consistently been at odds with Florida politician Governor Ron DeSantis — but apparently, even “woke” Disney can still offend people! The Walt Disney Company has gone through a ...

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Local Marching Band Faces Off Against Disney World

walt disney world vs venice high school marching band

A local Florida high school recently stood up to “the powers that be” at Walt Disney World Resort, turning down the opportunity to perform when Disney put an ultimatum in place: hide the mascot on their band uniforms or be uninvited from their scheduled Walt Disney World performance (which was set for November 12). Venice High School’s mascot, the Marching ...

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Parents Campaign Against ‘Woke’ Disney

woke disney

The Walt Disney Company has dealt with several controversies recently for what Florida Governor Ron DeSantis called the company’s “woke” perspective (particularly in relation to a new bill about teaching children “sexual and gender ideology”), and now some previous Disney fans are consciously trying to remove all evidence of Disney from their children’s lives. Apparently “many parents have vowed to ...

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‘Stories Matter’ Team Scans Disney Movies for ‘Offensive’ Characters

stories matter disney

The Walt Disney Company has been criticized lately by both Florida’s governor and its Disney Park Guests for its “woke” perspective, but Disney seems to be continuing on a determined path towards constant “political correctness” despite the negative feedback from Disney fans. Disney’s special “Stories Matter” team has been analyzing old Disney content since 2019 to identify any “problematic” characters ...

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Classic Disney Characters Are Being Labeled As “Problematic”

stories matter team

According to the New York Times, Disney is using “entertainment as advocacy”, which is a focus that has caused Disney to create a team of experts who are looking back through Disney archives to locate any offensive Disney characters — and some fan favorites have caught their eye!   According to The Post Millennial, the crows in the 1941 movie ...

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