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Resellers Strike Again During EPCOT’s Anniversary

epcot resellers

Walt Disney World Resort Guest behavior has gotten worse and worse (as has the behavior of Disneyland Resort and Disneyland Paris Resort Guests), but some Disney Guests have been spotted doing something that their fellow Disney fans and theme park Guests find particularly upsetting: purchasing Disney merchandise and reselling it for profit. The 40th anniversary of the EPCOT Disney Park ...

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Disney Has Allegedly Stolen a Fan’s Artwork

disney art

It’s natural for a Disney fan to express their love of Disney through creative mediums, just for fun — but when Canadian artist Andrew Martin designed and made a fan art sculpture of a Tiki drummer from the Disney World Enchanted Tiki Room, the original artist was shocked to find a disturbingly similar sculpture for sale at Disney stores! ¬† ...

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Disney Sorcerer‚Äôs Arena Offers Free Gifts for Disney World’s 50th¬†Anniversary

disney sorcerer's arena

Even though the 50th anniversary of the Walt Disney World Resort has already been a magical experience for many Disney Park Guests, it’s also been the gift that keeps on giving in terms of merchandise, food, and special offers or contests (including this wedding dress contest!). Now the Disney and Pixar mobile game Disney Sorcerer’s Arena is continuing that gift-giving ...

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Disney Unveils More Special Treats For Its Holiday and Anniversary Celebrations

If you’re hungry for more after trying out Walt Disney World’s 50th-anniversary meals, holiday confections, and the returning favorites at these two Resort restaurants, then you’re in luck! Disney has released several more limited-edition anniversary or holiday treats. First up is the “over-the-top 50th Celebration Shake at the Beaches and Cream Soda Shop in Disney‚Äôs Yacht and Beach Club Resorts. ...

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Disney Welcomes International Guests As National Borders Open

If you’re a Disney Guest living outside of the United States, today is the day that you can enter the country and head to Walt Disney World or Disneyland! Disney has posted a welcome for international Disney Guests on the Disney Parks Blog in honor of the occasion. The welcome in the blog post reads: “Our Disney destinations across America ...

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Disney World Stuns With A Preview Of Its Gorgeous Holiday Meals

Halloween might not have officially arrived, but Walt Disney World is already well on its way to the Christmas and holiday season! The Disney Parks Blog has shared all of the special culinary offerings that are coming for the holiday celebrations (which will no doubt be even bigger than usual, due to Walt Disney World’s 50th anniversary), and we’ve got ...

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Extra Perks Continue for Animal Kingdom Guests During Disney’s 50th Anniversary Celebrations

After all of the excitement built up around Walt Disney World’s 50th anniversary, it’s no surprise that the Disney Guests and Disney Cast Members have kept the festivities going in full swing even after the actual anniversary date on October 1st! If you’re at Walt Disney World for the next eighteen months, the Animal Kingdom theme park is definitely the ...

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Disney World Shares Pictures of Anniversary Guests Online

It’s no surprise that Walt Disney World is chock-full of Guests today, since it’s the resort’s 50th anniversary, and Disney Cast Members took to the Magic Kingdom’s streets to photograph the happy visitors! Several of the best shots have just been shared on the Disney Parks Blog by Jeremy Schoolfield, the Managing Editor of Walt Disney World Resort Public Relations, ...

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Disney’s Electrical Water Pageant Gets New Celebratory Scenes

Walt Disney World has already planned a wide variety of special offerings to celebrate its 50th anniversary on October 1st, including two restaurant openings, a ride opening, a new France in EPCOT, new merchandise, special sculptures, special decor, special Cast Member name tags, and a live TV special starring the likes of Whoopi Goldberg and Julie Andrews! Now, the Magic ...

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Disney World Adds Extra Perks For Visitors During Its 50th Anniversary

Walt Disney World already has a lot of bonuses in place for any Disney Guests who visit on or after October 1st of this year, since it marks their 50th anniversary, but now they’ve added additional sweeteners for anyone who stays at the Disney Resorts Collection hotels! Anyone who is staying at a Disney Resorts Collection hotel during the “World’s ...

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