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Neither Florida nor Disney World is Helping Cast Members

cast members living conditions florida

Cast members are an essential part of the magical experience at Walt Disney World Resort in Central Florida. They play a crucial role in bringing the various attractions and shows to life for visitors. They are the heart and soul of the Disney experience and work tirelessly to ensure that guests have a memorable and enjoyable time during their visit ...

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Disney World Cast Members Are Being Pushed Out of Florida

flamingo crossings cast members housing

Disney World cast members find themselves being squeezed on all sides. Last year, they fought for and won a raise to $18 an hour, but while that was happening, prices for rent and food exploded in Central Florida. The average rent in Central Florida is $400 more than the national average, which costs cast members $1,900 a month. A Disney ...

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Cast Member Exposes Disney World: Park Reportedly Lying About How it Treats Its Employees

family gives up disney world

A former Disney World cast member recently reported how much working at the resort had changed since the pandemic, despite the company’s claims. The Walt Disney World Resort is popularly known by its moniker, “The Most Magical Place on Earth.” Each aspect of the Disney Park comes together to form the ultimate Disney experience for so many guests from around ...

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Disney Slammed for Opening Housing to Cast Members: “Miserable Experience”

flamingo crossings cast members housing

Despite Disney opening their residential complex, Flamingo Crossings Village, to all cast members, many are unimpressed with the Mouse House. Disney has been involved in various affordable housing schemes over the years. In 2022, they shared that they were building 1,300 affordable housing units near State Road 429, just a few miles off Flamingo Crossings Town Center, with the help ...

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Disney Helps Orlando Area To Be Dead Last In Worker’s Wages

Disney/Orland area dead last in worker's wages

It’s hard to understate the importance of the Walt Disney World Resort to the Orlando area. Walt Disney turned a patch of orange groves into one of the world’s top tourist destinations, bringing millions of annual visitors to Central Florida. Until recent spats with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, it has been a win/win for Disney World and Florida. The state ...

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Disney World Faces Backlash After Donating $100,000 for Hurricane Relief: “Pay the Damn Cast Members”

idalia relief disney world

Disney World announced $100,000 to help relief efforts after Hurricane Idalia recently swept through parts of the US, but fans remain unimpressed. At the beginning of last week, news of a tropical depression just 80 miles south of Cozumel, Mexico, that became Tropical Storm Idalia (which would soon become Hurricane Idalia) made headlines as outlets reported the storm was making ...

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Walt Disney World Cast Members are FINALLY Getting Their Due

cast member union wages

The fight between Walt Disney World Cast Members and the Walt Disney Company is well-documented and raged on for months before coming to a conclusion that favored the former, giving Cast Members their due after months of negotiations, back-and-forths, protests, and more. Many reports have surfaced about the work environment and lack of proper compensation for Cast Members, and now ...

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Disney Unveils Some Preview Dates for TRON: Lightcycle/Run

Tron previews disney world

Each day brings Disney Fans closer to the long-overdue opening of the new roller coaster, TRON: Lightcycle/Run at the Walt Disney World Resort, and now some of the preview dates have finally been announced. According to new reports, Disney World Cast Members have just learned about their exclusive preview dates. “Cast Members can begin registering on Jan. 30 to ride ...

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Disney Responds to Cast Member Protests, Union Dispute

Disney World Cast Member Unions

Walt Disney World Cast Members are not happy as the Mega-Resort’s negotiations with labor unions have upended. Disney Fanatic recently reported that Local Workers 737, which represents Orlando hotel and restaurant workers, released the following statement regarding Disney: “They offered to increase most workers’ pay by only $1 per hour every year for 5 years. The Company also offered additional ...

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