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Disney’s 100th Year Has Been Rife with Challenges and Disappointments. Why?

disney 2023 struggles

Why has a year that should have been Disney’s crowning glory—a genuine achievement—been one of their hardest yet? Many experts and analysts have analyzed the Walt Disney Company’s difficulties over the last year to no end. On one hand, Disney was going through a massive reorganization and restructure with 4000-person layoffs, and 3000 jobs canceled. On the other, they’ve had ...

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The $500 Luxury Minnie Mouse Ears

theme park reservation removal

In recent years, many people have criticized Disney for being out of touch with the average American. But I’m not talking about the battle with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. Related: Ron DeSantis Tied to New Disney Popcorn Bucket And I’m also not referring to the films that have bombed (The Marvels, Haunted Mansion, Strange World, etc.). Related: Disney World and Disneyland Will ...

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Disney’s Minkey Mouse: Fans Find Trans Minnie and Mickey

minnie and mickey mouse

Fans were recently tickled and amused by a piece of official Disney100 merchandise that clearly had a “weird defect.” Two of the most beloved characters in the world of Disney are Minnie Mouse and Mickey Mouse. These two beloved characters have formed the foundation of the incredible love so many fans from all over the world have for the Walt ...

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Disney Pulls Out All the Stops for Centennial, Celebrates Disney100 With FREE Lego Sets for Fans

free Disney LEGO sets

Disney is pulling out all the stops for its 100th-anniversary celebration this year, giving out free LEGO sets to select Disney Fanatics! It’s a momentous occasion for Disney; the Walt Disney Company is celebrating its centennial this year, and the Mouse House is pulling out all the stops to mark the occasion. Both the Disneyland Resort and the Walt Disney ...

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On the Event of Disney100, Critics Feel Walt Disney Would Have “Cringed” at Recent Strategies

walt disney company

The Walt Disney Company might be celebrating its 100th anniversary, but some aren’t sure if its founder would be happy with the current state of things. On October 16, 1923, the world was forever changed even though it didn’t yet know it; two brothers founded one of the most influential entertainment companies in the world today. Walt Disney and his ...

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Disney Redeems Itself in Eyes of Skeptical Audience After a Tough Year

Disney Wish movie trailer

Disney has long been synonymous with enchanting animated tales that capture the hearts of audiences. Over the years, the studio has delivered unforgettable classics like The Lion King, Aladdin, and Beauty and the Beast. However, some critics have recently argued that Disney had veered off its magical path, focusing more on sequels and franchises than on forging new and captivating ...

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Disney Unveils High-End New Disney100 Merchandise

disney100 samsung frame television

Disney’s highly-anticipated Disney100 celebration comes with lots of perks for Disney Fanatics (much like any other big Disney celebration, such as last year’s 50th anniversary of Walt Disney World Resort), but Disney has just revealed one perk that’s particularly pricey! Let Mickey Hide Your TV Habit! According to Good Morning America, you can “bring some magic into your living room ...

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Disney Faces Intense Backlash After “Lazy Release” of New Tinker Bell Products

charlotte tillbury and disney makeup collection

The new Disney100 x Charlotte Tilbury makeup collection has just been launched with a magical ad campaign that includes not one, but four new animated heroines created by renowned Disney animators Eric Goldberg and Dorothy McKim. However, Disney Fanatics and Disney makeup lovers are apparently already finding the new Disney collection to be shockingly lackluster despite the charmingly-animated ad campaign ...

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Mickey and Minnie Appear After Yet Another Costume Change

mickey and minnie in their disney100 costumes

Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse are typically associated with the red, black, and white color schemes from their classic costumes — and polka dots are also an additional Minnie Mouse specialty. In recent years, however, Disney has been changing the two Disney mice costumes for special occasions more and more drastically (and as we saw from this recent Mulan snafu ...

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