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Disneyland Makes Another Disappointing Update to Magic Keys


Disneyland has provided yet another update to its Magic Key passes. Unfortunately, this update has only restricted the Magic Key pass offerings further — and unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to be a glitch. Logically, one would think that the team behind Disneyland’s Magic Keys (which are the Disneyland equivalent of Annual Passes for Annual Passholders in Walt Disney World Resort, ...

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Walt Disney Company Already Paying For Its Mistakes from 2022

magic key renewal

While the Walt Disney Company’s recent moves might show the company is trying to mend fences, it might already be paying for its mistakes. That 2022 was a challenging year for the Mouse House is not news. A lot of the issues stemmed from increases in prices at the Parks, unhappy Guests, and a seeming disconnect between the executives who ...

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Disney Park Resumes Annual Pass Sales

Disney annual pass sales

Once again, Disney Parks has opened the vault to sell more coveted Annual Passes to Disney Fans. On January 17, the Disneyland Resort announced it would sell more of its Magic Key Passes. NEW: Disneyland is preparing to resume new sales of select Magic Key annual passes today (Jan. 17). The Magic Key sales queue link is live. ...

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This Disney Park Banned Annual Passholders Over Christmas, Wait Times Got Longer!

Disneyland Holiday Wait Times

In an unprecedented turn of events, the Disneyland Resort decided to completely block out its entire population of Annual Passholders–known as Magic Key Holders–from the peak Holiday Season. Disney Fanatic previously reported that when Disneyland started selling its updated Magic Key Passes again, fans discovered that every single tier was blocked out from December 21 – January 1. Any Disney ...

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Disney Annual Pass Sale Closed in Less Than 2 Days

Disneyland Annual Pass Sale

Last night, the Disneyland Resort announced that the sale of its Annual Pass, the Magic Key Pass, was closing mere hours after it opened. On Wednesday, November 16, it was announced that The Happiest Place On Earth was finally reopening sales of the year-long Pass to Guests outside of the closed, renewing group of pre-existing Pass Holders. Almost immediately after ...

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Disney Already Stopping Sale of Several Annual Pass Tiers

believe imagine pass magic keys

In addition to the flurry of news we’ve received over the last week about Annual Passes and the sale of Magic Keys, Disneyland has announced they will stop sales of several Annual Pass tiers. Since May 31, 2022 of this year, Disneyland’s Magic Keys had remained unavailable for purchase for Disney Guests and fans. However, after a long wait, yesterday ...

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OpEd: Bob Chapek is Out to End Annual Passholders’ Free Reign of Disneyland, Disney World

Bob Chapek Annual Passes

Over the past year, The Walt Disney Company’s CEO Bob Chapek seems to have made it clear through his leadership’s changes to the Theme Parks that he is not a friend of Annual Passholders (APs) at Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World Resort. His goal seems clear: Put everyone treating The Magic Kingdom like a playground in check. In a ...

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Disney Stops Bending Rules for Guests

magic keys

Since the Disney Resorts and Disney Parks across the globe have been inundated lately with badly-behaving Guests — whether they have been Guests who punch other people or TikTokers who break rules just to get more followers — Disney has been cracking down on Guests more and more in recent months, presumably due to said bad behavior. However, Guests are ...

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Disney Reportedly Refusing to Renew Some Annual Passes

Disneyland Annual Pass Renewal

It appears that some Disney Fanatics are having a harder time renewing their Annual Passes than they might have expected. Just a few weeks ago, the Disneyland Resort announced that it would be opening up renewal opportunities for current Magic Key holders. Along with several changes, such as the elimination of the Dream Key tier in favor of the new ...

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