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Disney Park Struggles to Control Trespassing Guests

disney no trespassing sign

Disney Park Guests are at it again! We have seen Guests brawl in the streets of the Magic Kingdom, jump onto moving Pirates of the Caribbean boats, and openly harass Disney Cast Members during their days in Disney Parks. Unfortunately, it has become clear that this kind of unacceptable behavior has extended to Disney Parks and Disney Resorts across the globe, not ...

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Disney Park Might Close Attraction Due to Guest Behavior, Again

disneyland paris guest behavior

Yet again, Guests’ bad behavior might put a damper on the Disney Parks experience and cause the indefinite closure of an attraction. Going to Disney Parks is a one-of-a-kind experience. Every Guest has the opportunity to get their fill of the Disney magic, from riding every imagineered attraction under the sun to meet and greets with their favorite characters. Be ...

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Guest Ignores Rules and Climbs Pole in Disney Park

guest climbing bad behavior disneyland paris

Once again, a Disney Guest is misbehaving, breaking rules, damaging property, and engaging in dangerous behavior during a Disney vacation. A recent TikTok video has been posted showing a montage of photographs in which Disney Guests are not behaving admirably at Disneyland Paris, and one image shows a child climbing a Disney pole to a disturbingly high height. In the ...

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Disney Closes Attraction Due to Guests’ Bad Behavior

disneyland paris avengers campus quinjet

Once again, Disney Guests’ bad behavior and mistreatment of Cast Members is threatening to ruin the Disney magic for everyone else. Several Disney Guests recently got into a shockingly disturbing brawl in the Magic Kingdom, leading to arrests and lifetime bans from the theme park, and events in a French Disney Park have just made it clear that Disney Guests’ ...

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