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Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean Change Is Now in Place, Frustrating Fans Beyond Words

pirates caribbean disneyland

Disney’s latest change to Pirates of the Caribbean at its Southern California resort has many fans up in arms in frustration at The Walt Disney Company. The Disney Parks are beloved by fans all over the world for the entertainment and unique Disney experience they provide to fans and guests who visit the parks. From dark rides like Haunted Mansion ...

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‘Vampire Diaries’ Star Gets Birthday Surprise at Disney

Nina Dobrev at Disneyland

The hit supernatural teen television series The Vampire Diaries fostered many careers in Hollywood. Among them was Nina Dobrev, who portrayed Elna Gilbert (and Katherine Pierce). Related: Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom Named Worst Smelling Celebs Disneyland Resort Surprise The actress was recently gifted a trip to Disneyland Resort by her boyfriend, Shaun White. The couple shared photos on social media ...

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Disney Signals Plans to Remove IPs From Theme Parks

Johnny Depp and Space Mountain

Could Disney remove Star Wars, Marvel, and Pixar from its theme parks? Related: Disney Guest Jumps off Space Mountain IPs in the Parks IPs (or Intellectual Properties) refer to popular movies, TV shows, and video game series. Disney franchises such as Star Wars, Toy Story, the Lion King, the Avengers, and more are some of the most famous examples. However, IPs ...

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Make-A-Wish Family’s “Terrible” Treatment at Disney

Mickey, Fail, and Make a wish

The Walt Disney Company has a long-standing relationship with the Make-A-Wish Foundation. The Make-A-Wish Foundation sponsors life-changing wishes for children of all ages with critical illnesses. Over the past 40 years, the Walt Disney Company has helped grant more than 145,000 wishes in coordination with the foundation. This is because not only is Disney a family-friendly and child-centric brand, but ...

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Here’s YOUR Chance to See Inside Disney’s Exclusive Club 33

club 33

Everyone has heard rumors about it. Everyone wishes they could be a part of it. But not everyone actually gets to see inside Disney’s exclusive Club 33. Club 33 is Disney’s elite location in the theme parks – a haven of privacy, exclusivity, and pure Disney magic. Located in New Orleans Square close to the Blue Bayou restaurant, it’s such ...

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Unexplainable Ride Malfunction Leaves Guests Disillusioned and Shocked

runaway railway ride malfunction evacuation

A recent Disney Park ride malfunction left Guests feeling disillusioned while also giving them an unexpected look-see behind the scenes. Ride malfunctions are part and parcel of the Disney experience. Any Disney Guest knows to expect ride breakdowns while at the Disney Parks. While it’s certainly disappointing to experience this at a Disney Theme Park, Cast Members have ways of ...

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“Absolutely Horrifying” Guests Dub This “Innocent Ride” the Scariest Disney Attraction 

Goofy's Sky School Ride Vehicle

In the Walt Disney Company’s centenary year, a movement has been made to revisit the films and iconic animated characters that set the foundation for Disney’s multigenerational fandom. With classic shorts as the building blocks for Walt Disney Animated Studios, characters like Donald Duck, Chip n’ Dale, and Goofy are being revived in their roles from the early 1900s and ...

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Video: Disney Villain Steals the Show, Creates Her Own Parade in the Park

Cruella Parade

Disney villains are accustomed to being the outcasts—they actually prefer it. In the 100 years of Walt Disney’s creative concoctions, shiny princesses and quirky sidekicks have always cultivated a mainstream fanbase. But even diehard Disney princess fanatics can attest to the magic in Disney’s villains. Their despicable demeanors are coated with charisma, and their ghastly appearances have an inexplicable element ...

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Disney Issues First Response to Striking Cast Members

Protest DLP

After a series of Cast Member protests, Disney is finally responding on behalf of Guests. At the beginning of May, the tightly-drawn Disney curtain was cracked open by a suddenly canceled parade at Disneyland Paris. Emboldened by Paris Unions and a countrywide workers’ strike, Cast Members took a stand at Disneyland Park—swapping magic for mayhem. The famous “Stars on Parade” ...

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“Boycott Disney” Trends as It Joins Target and Bud Light as a Canceled “Woke” Company

Disney Pride

Twitter seems to be pulling a reverse Uno card on canceling big corporations, and Disney is the next boycott subject. Since the COVID-19 pandemic was in full effect, a cultural division has emerged, seemingly splitting the country into two camps. While a shift to sensitivity characterized 2020, “cancel culture” came about, holding companies like Chick-fil-A accountable for supporting anti-LGBTQ+ lobbyists. ...

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