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Disney Fireworks: How Long Until “Environmental” Concerns and “Equity and Inclusion” Win?

guests watching fireworks

Some things need to evolve. Could Disney fireworks be next on that list? Since the Disney parks reopened after the COVID-justified shutdown, changes relating to the suddenly important trending corporate virtues like “Environmental Social Governance” (ESG) and “Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion” started popping up in the theme parks and resorts. First taking hold in cast member training, the ideologies spread ...

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Enough Already! “Wokeness” Aside, Stop Being Angry at Disney for More Diverse Representation

disney diversity debate

Time and again, the topic of the Walt Disney Company’s “wokeness” has come up in debate. Many devoted Disney fans have brought up their frustrations about how Disney has been “pandering to woke audiences,” which has often been a response to Disney speaking out against Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’s “Don’t Say Gay” law (otherwise known as Parental Rights in Education ...

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“Complete Failure”: Recent Developments Have Critics Calling Out “Performative” Hollywood

hollywood disney diversity

The Hollywood industry has often been called out for its performative actions when it comes to diversity, equity, representation, and inclusion. While studios have been working in recent years to be more inclusive in their casting and hiring decisions—what with creating entire departments and positions to address the issue—many have criticized the big names for only doing it in the ...

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Here Are Things You Should NEVER Say to Disney Cast Members

Disney Cast Members

Whether you head out to sunny California to embark on a visit to Disneyland or seek out the warmth waiting for you at Walt Disney World Resort in Florida, upon arrival at any Disney destination, you will be greeted by the welcoming, smiling faces of those cheerful Disney employees we know better as Disney Cast Members. Filling the roles in ...

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‘Luca’ Makes a Splash as the Perfect Family Movie Night Pick for Memorial Day Weekend

Luca cover

Memorial Day Weekend in the United States is often celebrated as a time marking the official return of warm-weather activities. These often include spending more time outdoors for a much-needed reprieve, getting back to backyard cookouts with friends and family, and the welcome reprisal of everyone’s favorite summer pastime—swimming. If you and your family have plans this Memorial Day Weekend, ...

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Disney’s ‘Zootopia’ Remains a Family-Film Favorite That Tackles Age-Old Sentiments About Overcoming Life’s Challenges, Beating the Odds, and Breaking Down Stereotypes


Can you believe it’s already been seven years since Walt Disney Animation Studios released its CGI anthropomorphic animal hit Zootopia? A true motion picture marvel in so many ways, Zootopia keeps with a forever-current theme focused on overcoming life’s challenges, beating the odds, and breaking down stereotypes. What’s more, it may very well be the most universally-relevant movie for all ...

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New World Discoveries, an Appreciation for Nature, and Forbidden Romance: Why Watching Disney’s ‘Pocahontas’ This Weekend Is the Ultimate Family-Friendly Way to Reignite Appreciation for Bucolic Beauty and Respect for Cultural Diversity


There’s a lot going on this Earth Day Weekend. With springtime blooming into abundance across North America, many families are also feeling a renewed, invigorating desire to get back to nature and rediscover the unbridled wild wonders of the world. But with the season still being young, schools still being in session, and weather patterns still throwing out unpredictable curve ...

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Why Pixar’s Cultural Trusts Excel at Establishing Such Authentic Representations

Pixar Cultural Trust

Pixar Animation Studios, longtime co-partner and subsidiary to the Walt Disney Company, has an ongoing commitment to celebrating diversity and fostering respect and appreciation for all kinds of people. By successfully representing different cultures and ethnicities and honing in on those specific, personal characteristics and stories that speak to every person’s own unique yet relatable experiences, Pixar has made watching ...

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