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‘Turning Red’ Producer Defends Mei’s Mom

turning red ming

If you’ve seen the new Pixar movie Turning Red, then you probably already know that protagonist Meilin Lee’s biggest challenge in the film is her mom, Ming (who is voiced by Sandra Oh). Many viewers noticed that Ming was villainized at certain points in the movie — but according to a recent D23 interview, producer Lindsey Collins made it her mission ...

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‘Turning Red’ Director Explains Mei’s Emotional Backstory

pixar turning red domee shi

Not all Disney or Pixar fans found the new movie Turning Red (a movie about a 13-year-old girl named Meilin Lee who poofs into a giant red panda when upset) to be one of Disney or Pixar’s best films. Some people found the early-2000’s style to be cringeworthy, while others found it to be a little too abstract. Pixar seems ...

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‘Turning Red’ Creators Receive Pixar Promotions

turning red domee shi

Whether you’re a Disney fan who loved the new Pixar movie Turning Red and found it to be a nostalgic nod to the early-2000’s or you found the movie to be cringeworthy, Pixar Animation Studios itself has apparently decided that the movie was a good one! The director of Turning Red, Domee Shi, and the producer Lindsey Collins have both ...

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Why Pixar’s Cultural Trusts Excel at Establishing Such Authentic Representations

Pixar Cultural Trust

Pixar Animation Studios, longtime co-partner and subsidiary to the Walt Disney Company, has an ongoing commitment to celebrating diversity and fostering respect and appreciation for all kinds of people. By successfully representing different cultures and ethnicities and honing in on those specific, personal characteristics and stories that speak to every person’s own unique yet relatable experiences, Pixar has made watching ...

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‘Turning Red’ Review: Every Boy Needs to Watch This Movie!

Turning Red Movie

WARNING: THE FOLLOWING ARTICLE CONTAINS SPOILERS On March 11, Pixar Animation Studios’ latest feature film Turning Red was released on Disney+ for no additional cost. A Friday morning living room viewing replaced the traditional midnight premiere, and I have to say: Disney made the right call. Disney/Pixar’s Turning Red proves what Disney’s CEO Bob Chapek has been saying for a ...

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