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Disney World Reveals Two Exciting Upgrades to Kilimanjaro Safaris

giraffe and zebras

These days, Walt Disney World Resort Guests are more likely to shudder than grin when they hear that Disney has made some more changes that will affect Disney theme park Guests in Disney Parks like the Animal Kingdom or Magic Kingdom — but this time, Disney Fanatics will definitely be pleased!  “Dr. Mark” Is At It Again The Disney employee ...

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Disney Employees “Light up the Land” for the Holidays


Even though some Disney fans have been feeling disappointed by the holiday decorations that can be spotted in Disney Parks and Disney Resorts so far this year, it looks like Walt Disney World Resort still has some extra decorating up its sleeve for the rest of the 2022 holiday season in Florida!  Some Disney destinations (like The Ganachery in Disney ...

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Animal Kingdom Lodge Welcomes Baby Pig

animal kingdom lodge

The population of the Animal Kingdom Lodge at Walt Disney World Resort continues to grow, and the newest addition to the Animal Kingdom Lodge is particularly adorable! Dr. Mark Penning, the Vice President, of Disney’s Animals, Science & Environment department, recently shared photos of a baby red river hog that has been born. “I am thrilled to introduce the newest ...

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Jane Goodall Praises Disney’s Animal Kingdom Facilities

jane goodall disney

Most Disney fans already know that Disney tends to do things well when it comes to details and hard work — and Disney fans who pay attention to National Geographic or Disneynature also know that the Walt Disney Company tends to put a high value on the welfare of animals in its theme Parks and the push towards conservation and ...

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‘Dr. Mark’ Reveals Which Disney Animal Volunteers for Medical Exams

dr mark disney gino

If you’re not already following Dr. Mark Penning (the Vice President of Disney’s Animals, Science, and Environment department in the Animal Kingdom with Walt Disney World Resort), then you have been missing out on some fun, educational, and adorable behind the scenes from within the Animal Kingdom! Dr. Mark, known for his Instagram account “Dr. Mark at Disney”, recently spoke ...

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