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Welcome Duffy the Disney Bear’s New Friend, LinaBell!

DUffy the Disney bear and friends

Duffy the Disney Bear has a new friend, and the story of how they met is absolutely adorable! In case you need a refresher, Duffy is Mickey’s teddy bear and fuzzy travel companion. As the story goes, Mickey was taking a trip and Minnie made Duffy for him so he would not be lonely during his journey (again…adorable.) Since Duffy’s ...

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It’s Duffy Month in Shanghai

While we’ve been preoccupied with Walt Disney World’s upcoming 10th anniversary (complete with new restaurant openings, a TV special, and more!), Shanghai Disney Resort has started a celebration of its own! Duffy Month has begun at the resort as of today, and there’s a wide variety of adorable ways to honor the occasion. This holiday will last until September 30th, ...

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