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Welcome Duffy the Disney Bear’s New Friend, LinaBell!

DUffy the Disney bear and friends

Duffy the Disney Bear has a new friend, and the story of how they met is absolutely adorable! In case you need a refresher, Duffy is Mickey’s teddy bear and fuzzy travel companion. As the story goes, Mickey was taking a trip and Minnie made Duffy for him so he would not be lonely during his journey (again…adorable.) Since Duffy’s ...

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Duffy The Disney Bear’s Days Are Numbered

Duffy the Disney Bear is being retired at Walt Disney World Resort and other Disney properties. It seems that no matter how earnestly Disney tried to make Duffy part of the Disney character pantheon, he never quite gained enough of a fan base to warrant keeping the fuzzy little guy around. Additionally, sales of the plush toy and his character ...

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