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Disney’s Dumbo Almost Scored Time Magazine’s “Person of the Year”

Dumbo Time magazine

Walt Disney’s animated classics have profoundly impacted many of us. In fact, this truth is what most likely caused your interest in this article. Certain movies and characters have become iconic, etching their way into our hearts for generations. Among these beloved characters is Disney’s adorable flying elephant, Dumbo. Did you know there’s a delightful story about this little pachyderm, ...

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This Once Iconic Disney World Attraction is Now Woefully Forgotten

dumbo flying elephant disney world

It’s always a sad day to note when a formerly beloved Disney attraction is relegated to the status of a “has-been.” Both Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort are known to be some of the most magical spots for a Disney vacation, and both these Disney Resorts are home to some of the best rides and attractions that form ...

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Ringling Bros. Circus Announces Comeback Tour Without Elephants, Other Animals

Ringling Bros Circus return

“The Greatest Show on Earth” is coming back to town! After becoming arguably one of the most prominent targets of cancel culture a little over five years ago, America’s iconic Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus announced its triumphant return bringing with it an entirely new, animal-free experience. The circus shared a press release, saying, We’re excited to announce ...

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Did You Know That These Are the Oldest Attractions at Disney World?

Oldest Attractions feature image

With all the 50th Anniversary Celebrations that have been taking place within the past two years, everyone’s pretty much well aware by now that Walt Disney World Resort in Florida has been around for more than five decades already! At the time, the Magic Kingdom was the only Disney World park that had been established by the time opening day ...

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Disney World Attractions You Only Ever Need to Do Once

Only Do Once feature image

Any contested Disney fanatic knows firsthand that there is no shortage of iconic must-do attractions to be found throughout both Disneyland Resort in California as well as within Walt Disney World Resort in Florida. Some rides and attractions have grown to become cult-classic Disney rites of passage throughout the ages, while others aren’t necessarily antiquated endeavors per se, but have ...

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Must-Do Pursuits During Your First Time Visiting Magic Kingdom Park

Family visiting Magic Kingdom

Congratulations! You are on your first-ever visit to Walt Disney World Resort. And your very first stop is none other than the iconic Magic Kingdom Park that you’ve heard so much about. As the ultimate rite of passage, Disney’s Magic Kingdom is just overflowing with magical must-dos and endless enchanted endeavors that you just have to experience for yourself. But ...

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Classic Disney Characters Are Being Labeled As “Problematic”

stories matter team

According to the New York Times, Disney is using “entertainment as advocacy”, which is a focus that has caused Disney to create a team of experts who are looking back through Disney archives to locate any offensive Disney characters — and some fan favorites have caught their eye!   According to The Post Millennial, the crows in the 1941 movie ...

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Video: Extremely RARE Character Sighting in Magic Kingdom!

Rare Character Sightings Disney World

“I’ve seen a peanut stand. I heard a rubber band. I seen a needle that winks its eye. But I be done seen about everything when I see a elephant fly”— especially in a Disney World Theme Park! The Walt Disney World Resort plays host to several unforgettable character interactions, from Mickey Mouse to Cinderella’s Ugly Step Sisters. But some ...

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Top 10 Classic Disney Attractions of All Time

Cinderella Castle

What Makes a Classic? There are some Walt Disney World Rides, past and present, that most folks would consider true classics. Attractions come and go over the years, and a few of the Parks’ classic attractions no longer exist in their original forms, but they still hold a special spot in history. What makes us think of an attraction as ...

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Nice Mice and Other Disney Rodents

Mickey Mouse

Anyone familiar with Walt Disney Entertainment will no doubt notice that the company has redeemed the image of the rodent countless times over. Just think about it, the most familiar face representing them is that of the one and only Mickey Mouse, to say the least. And aside from Mickey (and Minnie), there have been several other rodents positively portrayed ...

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