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Despite Skepticism, Disney’s Troubled Summer Film Achieves Record-Breaking Victory

Elemental streaming success

Pixar’s Elemental was labeled a flop on its opening weekend. All analysts and critics indicated that the film was a dud and another box office disaster for The Walt Disney Company. Despite these claims, the film slowly chugged along in theaters. While it didn’t bring in much money daily, it stayed consistent over its entire summer run. Elemental is now ...

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‘Elemental’ Has a Chance to Prove People Wrong…Again

Elemental streaming release date

Pixar’s Elemental has had a strange journey throughout the past few months. While the title originally seemed dead on arrival, it remained consistent throughout its run, shocking critics and proving many people wrong. As September rolls in, Disney seems to finally be satisfied with the movie’s theatrical run, announcing an Elemental streaming release date confirmed for this month. Elemental‘s Surprising ...

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Pixar Developing ‘Elemental’ Disney+ Project Amid Streaming Content Purge

Elemental Disney Plus series

Disney and Pixar’s Elemental film has been one of the biggest contenders for this summer’s “Little Engine That Could” award. While the movie started out with a measly opening box office showing, it proved all analysts wrong and held strong all summer. The film has now turned a profit for the Walt Disney Company, and the entertainment giant has yet ...

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Disney+ Is Using ‘Elemental’ to Unlearn Pixar Streaming Release Expectations

Elemental streaming release

One sure thing has been established as a normal expectation since Disney+ launched. Every Pixar Studio film released since 2019 has followed the same formula. It either begins its life right away on the streaming platform or appears within a short window of time soon after it comes to theaters. The head of Pixar has even stated that Disney+ has ...

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Disney Boasts About ‘Elemental’ Success, Reveals Record-Breaking Numbers

Pixar elemental movie

In an article entitled “How Pixar’s Elemental Kept Its Fire Burning at the Box Office,” the Walt Disney Company has just sung the praises of Pixar’s newest summertime animated film. Some might actually think that this is not the best time to be boasting or drawing any attention to successful films, since Disney and many other film studios are being ...

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Haters Listen Up: ‘Elemental’ is Disney’s Biggest Hit Since the Pandemic

elemental disney biggest hit

Disney hasn’t had the easiest year when it comes to its box office earnings. While 2023 started off strong for the Mouse House with Black Panther: Wakanda Forever and Avatar: The Way of Water, the year quickly dipped after, with movies from Walt Disney Pictures and Pixar Animation Studios ostensibly not performing as well. In fact, recently, one analyst did the math, ...

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Against All Odds, Pixar’s ‘Elemental’ Just Did Something Miraculous

Pixar's Elemental Box Office

Pixar’s Elemental is never going to be a success story. However, that doesn’t stop it from slowly chugging along at the domestic box office. The latest film in Pixar’s long list of original titles hasn’t done anything to wow anyone since its release last month, but it did recently break a milestone no one thought possible. Elemental has been fighting ...

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Disney’s Biggest Loss of the Decade Is a Major Win for the LGBTQ+ Community

Mickey Mouse looking terrified at Nimona

Disney has been hurting for an animated hit for the last year, and Netflix just swooped in and turned its rejected project into animated gold. Debuting with a fiery 94% freshness score on rotten tomatoes, the film Disney passed up, Nimona, resonated with millions of fans. Premiering June 30, the tale of empathy, acceptance, and perseverance didn’t just stick it to ...

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Barbie Or Ariel? Iconic Heroines Clash at the Box Office

margot robbie smiling as barbie and ariel glaring at her

The new live-action Barbie film, which stars Disney-loving Canadian actor Ryan Gosling and Australian actress Margot Robbie, has been highly-anticipated by movie enthusiasts. The film follows Barbie, the iconic character who started the Barbie doll phenomenon of old (and whose dolls have since been replaced by new iterations of the iconic toy dolls). With colorful and frothy trailers filling TV ...

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More LGBTQ Woes for Disney, Fans Disapprove of Transgender Representation

disney lgbtq representation

Representation has been one of the most controversial subjects in the media in recent years. With more communities wanting to see themselves on screen and Hollywood slowly starting to follow through, more voices have been sharing their opinion about whether that representation is appropriate or not. Many trolls online have been negatively affecting movie and TV show reviews, and the ...

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