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5 Futureworld Attractions That are Ready for Mothballs

Because I love anything Disney, especially Walt Disney World, I find it very difficult to find anything negative to say about this “most magical place on earth”, but 99.9% of the time, any change planned at WDW is a good thing. Walt Disney himself had these words to say about change: “We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing ...

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10 Disney Experiences You May Want To Skip

Living With The Land

When it comes to Disney World, there’s too much to do and too little time. Trying to spread your vacation out into four different theme parks – and possibly the two water parks – it’s hard for us to accept that there will be things we won’t have time to do. For a Disney vacation, prioritization is key. Pick the ...

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7 Of Our Favorite Rides and Attractions At EPCOT

As a child I never fully appreciated everything Epcot had to offer. I was too young for many of the big attractions, and there was nothing to do in the World Showcase except walk. Coming back to Epcot as an adult has made me realize how wrong I was. The possibilities at Epcot are truly endless! This is definitely my ...

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The 6 Worst Attractions in Walt Disney World

Stitch's Great Esape

Like anything else in life, even Disney attractions cannot please everyone. At such a large destination, it is no surprise that everyone can find some attraction he or she dislikes. While I am usually a fan of all things Disney, even I must admit that some attractions just cannot hold my interest. Here are my top 6 picks for the ...

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