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Disney Teaches Us To Use the Constitution To Protect Against Racist Trolls

Star Wars

One of Disney’s legal team’s most astute moves might have given media companies the solution to dealing with racist or inflammatory trolls online. It has long been accepted that the Walt Disney Company is a trendsetter and innovator in more ways than one. Whether in the field of theme park entertainment or in filmmaking and Hollywood, the Mouse House has ...

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Do They Even Know What ‘Woke’ Means? Iger Takes Down His Critics

Bob Iger Disney

Disney CEO Bob Iger has had a good couple of weeks. He successfully ended the Walt Disney Company’s feud with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and won a proxy battle against activist investor Nelson Peltz. But since his April 3 victory, Iger has been busy showing off Disney World’s new and future projects and updating Disney’s slate of new movies, but ...

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Elon Musk’s Gina Carano Lawsuit Found a Loophole to Stick It To Disney

Gina Carano and Elon Musk

On the surface, actress Gina Carano’s lawsuit against the Walt Disney Company seems to be a pretty cut-and-dry First Amendment issue. Carano is alleging that Disney fired her from The Mandalorian over comments she made comparing conservatives in America to Jews during the Holocaust. Related: Gina Carano Suing Disney/LucasFilm, Funded by Elon Must and X Carano has the freedom of speech right ...

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Disney Accused of “Mandatory, Institutionalized Racism and Sexism”

disney accused racism sexism

X owner and CEO of Tesla, Elon Musk, accused Disney of “mandatory, institutionalized racism and sexism” in a recent post. The Walt Disney Company has been under a lot of scrutiny over the years—be it from critics who feel that the company has lost its magic, and those who feel like the company is “pandering” to woke audiences, or audiences ...

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Gina Carano Suing Disney and LucasFilm, Funded By Elon Musk/X

Gina Carano and Elon Musk

Former star of Disney Plus’ The Mandalorian, Gina Carano, who was fired from the show after making comments comparing Republicans in America to Jewish people during the Holocaust, has filed a lawsuit in Federal Court claiming wrongful termination and discrimination. She is seeking an injunction from the court that would force Disney and LucasFilm to rehire her for the Star Wars show. Gina ...

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Contentious CEO Demands Bob Iger Be Fired Immediately: “Walt Disney is Turning in His Grave”

bob iger fired disney

Controversial and erratic Tesla CEO and X owner Elon Musk seems to be quite angry at Bob Iger for his recent decision to pull ads from X, formerly known as Twitter. Over the years, the Walt Disney Company has been embroiled in many controversies. Some accused the company of being too politically involved with former Disney CEO Bob Chapek’s actions ...

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Will Elon Musk Buy Disney? “Buy ‘em and Turn Them Into Twitter”

elon musk disney

Ostensibly fed up with Disney’s current MO, a fan suggested Twitter and Tesla CEO Elon Musk buy the Mouse House! The Elon Musk-Walt Disney Company controversy recently swept the internet when the Tesla CEO cussed out Disney for supposedly trying to “bully” X, formerly known as Twitter, with money. After a recent controversy where Mr. Musk supported an antisemitic comment ...

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Musk Might Be Cussing Disney Out, But Bob Iger Couldn’t Care Less

bob iger elon musk disney

Elon Musk’s recent comments do not help his case and will likely just sour relations with the Mouse House more, especially with the Walt Disney Company needing to distance itself from controversy. Disney has always been an image-conscious company. They have proven this time and again when it comes to how quickly they will cut ties with any actor, singer, ...

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