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Disney Releases Updated Version of ‘Encanto’ Soundtrack


The breakout hit¬†Encanto¬†danced its way into many Disney fans’ hearts last winter when the movie about the Madrigal family and their magical Casita premiered on the streaming service Disney+. Many months later, the¬†Encanto¬†soundtrack has still remained a new favorite among Disney fans — with hits like “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” and “Surface Pressure” being big standouts — and now ...

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Disney Excludes Bruno from ‘Encanto’ Special

bruno madrigal mirabel madrigal encanto

There is a very special new version of¬†Encanto¬†coming Disney fans’ way soon — but apparently, the black sheep Bruno is still not invited! Bruno Madrigal became a fan favorite after Disney fans saw his (and his Madrigal family members’) movie,¬†Encanto, on Disney+ last year.¬†This was in large part due to the runaway success of the song from the soundtrack about ...

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‘Encanto’ Loses to James Bond in the ‘Oscar for Best Original Song’ Category

encanto oscars

Disney fans might have been surprised or disappointed when the popular¬†Encanto¬†song “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” was not nominated by composer Lin-Manuel Miranda for the Oscar for Best Original Song at the 94th Academy Awards, but they may have been hoping that the Walt Disney Animation Studios movie Encanto would prevail with its Oscar nominee anyway! The Encanto¬†original song “Dos ...

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“We Don’t Talk About Bruno” Is Being Snubbed in Awards Season: Here’s Why

bruno awards

Although the Walt Disney Animation Studios movie Encanto has been garnering awards and award nominations for itself throughout the 2022 awards season, the Disney movie’s original song “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” has definitely stolen the movie’s thunder by breaking records, constantly topping the Billboard and Spotify charts, and inspiring fan-made mashups online. The original song from the Disney animated ...

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“We Don’t Talk About Bruno” Breaks Aladdin’s Billboard Record

Encanto Aladdin Bruno

It’s no surprise to most Disney fans that the¬†Encanto song “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” has been consistently topping the Billboard charts and Spotify charts; practically anyone who listens to the Disney song from the animated film can attest to its catchy nature. Even Disney fanatics who didn’t enjoy the Disney song the first time they heard it in the ...

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Will “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” Become a Dark Ride?

Dolores Mirabel and Bruno Encanto

The most popular original song from the Walt Disney Animation Studios movie Encanto is without a doubt “We Don’t Talk About Bruno”, an original song by Lin-Manuel Miranda in which the Madrigal family sings to Mirabel Madrigal about her mysterious uncle (whose magical powers allow him to see the future)– and ironically, everyone is talking about Bruno despite the song’s ...

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Lin-Manuel Miranda Fails an ‘Encanto’ Song Challenge

Encanto Lin-Manuel Miranda

It’s clear from the Golden Globe Award, the chart-topping soundtrack, the popular merchandise, the fan-made online mashups, and the positive reviews that¬†Encanto has made an enormous impression on Disney fans ever since it was released in theaters last November and premiered on Disney+ on Christmas Eve. Although the movie has been praised for everything from its vibrant animation to its ...

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‘How I Met Your Father’ Actress Hilary Duff Joins the ‘Encanto’ “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” Craze


Disney Channel veteran and Younger actress Hilary Duff has been making headlines recently for her new role as Sophie in the How I Met Your Father spin-off of How I Met Your Mother (and for her continued hopes for a Lizzie McGuire reboot), but the actress has also received more attention for jumping on the Encanto bandwagon! The new Walt ...

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‘Encanto’ Wins the Golden Globe for Best Animated Feature


The newest Walt Disney Animation Studios movie¬†Encanto has been getting a lot of attention recently — partly for all of its positive reviews from critics and audiences (especially after it premiered on Disney+), its catchy chart-topping soundtrack, and its colorful animation, but also for its heartwarming storyline. The plot of this Walt Disney Studios movie centers around the Colombian Madrigal ...

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