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The Top 5 (Lesser-Known) Corners to Escape Disney Crowds

Minnie Quiet

Disney World enthusiasts are in a theme Park league of their own. With meticulous planning, sneaky shortcuts, and Olympian-level Lightning-Lane execution, it would be safe to bet Disney fans aren’t pressed for downtime. Even the more laid-back restaurant and shopping center, Disney Springs, is prime for action-packed activities around the world’s largest Disney store. But with winding Mine Train queues, ...

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Harmony Has Been Restored in EPCOT: Controversial Disney Attraction Officially Demolished 

Harmonious Show

Walt Disney World rarely misses the mark when it comes to aesthetically-pleasing attractions. With manicured Mickey Mouse lawns, perfectly-plumped Resort pillowcases, and pristine Park pathways, it’s rare to get a peek behind Disney’s tightly-drawn curtain. One particularly innovative Disney Park—EPCOT—takes the crown for meticulous details. Imported pieces from global destinations adorn EPCOT’s World Showcase, and Spaceship Earth marks the center ...

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EPCOT Announces 2023 Eat to the Beat Concert Lineup 

Eat to the Beat Concert Series

Luckily for fans of food, wine, and music, the beat goes on for several months in EPCOT during its International Food and Wine Festival. Disney Guests can indulge in the best food and wine pairings for their pallets, and their ears will be treated to the stylings of some of music’s greatest performers. While tickets are for purchase for EPCOT’s ...

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The Top 6 Free Activities for Your Disney World Vacation

family photo

Whether you have school-age kiddos with classmates who just rode Expedition Everest on their first Disney trip, a partner who’s clocked 47 Haunted Mansion rides, or want to see what all the Disney magic is for yourself, planning a Disney World vacation can come with some financial pressure. “The Most Magical Place on Earth” is considered by some to be ...

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Matsuriza Taiko Drummers Return to EPCOT

Taiko Drummers

If you love visiting EPCOT’s World Showcase and seeing what each country has to offer in the way of street entertainment, then you’ll love hearing this news! The acclaimed Matsuriza Taiko Drummers are coming back this Friday, returning with their signature (which is what’s described on Disney World’s website as the “thundering sound of Taiko, an ancient form of Japanese ...

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