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Disney Guests Want EPCOT Drinking Culture to End

disney world alcohol

Thanks to Disney’s World Showcase located in EPCOT, getting a taste of world-class cuisine and global architecture doesn’t require an international plane ticket. With imported decor, authentic dining, and international Cast Members, one of Disney’s most impressive parks gives guests a slice of 11 countries: Canada, China, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Morocco, Norway, The United Kingdom, and The United ...

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Cast Members Sue Disney After Being Fired For Not Being “Culturally Authentic”

Cast Members fired not culturally authentic

Not all that long ago, the World Showcase in EPCOT at Walt Disney World Resort was unlike any other theme park experience out there. Guests can travel the world and enjoy eleven different cultural experiences without leaving the park. The World Showcase features pavilions dedicated to Mexico, Norway, China, Germany, Italy, The American Adventure, Japan, Morocco, France, the United Kingdom, ...

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The BEST Choices For Drinking Around the World at EPCOT!

Best drinks EPCOT's World Showcase Disney world

There are so many exciting parts of a Walt Disney World Resort vacation — the rides, the shows, the food, the gorgeous hotels. Every trip to Disney World is sure to bring lasting memories. And while the attractions and the food are sure to make you smile, there is another aspect of Disney World vacations that people look forward to. ...

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Cast Members Scramble as Bathroom Trouble Disturbs EPCOT Location

EPCOT bathroom backup

Walt Disney World Guests in Florida were unexpectedly treated to a “journey of water” preview when bathroom trouble at EPCOT caused a section of the World Showcase to require a detour. Cast Members scrambled to make the area safe amid the escalating toilet turmoil, creating quite an interesting scene. EPCOT Bathroom Backup EPCOT has been one of the more popular ...

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International Guests Brutally Judge Countries at EPCOT’s World Showcase

countries at World Showcase

EPCOT’s World Showcase recently emerged as a unique platform for international Guests to openly critique the representation offered for their home countries. A social media discussion became the sounding board for their brutally honest assessments, shedding light on each nation’s strengths and weaknesses in the iconic Walt Disney World Park. Lets delve into the unfiltered perspectives of these global critics, ...

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Disney Park’s First After-Hours Event: Guests Let Down by 60-Minute Wait Times, Rides Shut Down


With Pride Month events and families on summer break making their way to The Most Magical Place on Earth, there’s one part of the Park experience that no one looks forward to—long lines. Wait times during holidays and summer break are record-breaking at Walt Disney World, which means strategic planning needs to be behind each Disney Resort vacation to avoid ...

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The Top 5 (Lesser-Known) Corners to Escape Disney Crowds

Minnie Quiet

Disney World enthusiasts are in a theme Park league of their own. With meticulous planning, sneaky shortcuts, and Olympian-level Lightning-Lane execution, it would be safe to bet Disney fans aren’t pressed for downtime. Even the more laid-back restaurant and shopping center, Disney Springs, is prime for action-packed activities around the world’s largest Disney store. But with winding Mine Train queues, ...

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The Best Disney Park for Little Ones (and 3 Sanity-Saving Tips)

Baby Travel

With crowds, heat, and overstimulation, toddler trips to Walt Disney World can feel like a gamble. There’s no guarantee the excitement will eclipse a nap, or the heat will induce a stage-five tantrum. The unknowns of traveling with little ones to any theme Park can add stress to what’s meant to be a magical memory in the making. The good ...

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Harmony Has Been Restored in EPCOT: Controversial Disney Attraction Officially Demolished 

Harmonious Show

Walt Disney World rarely misses the mark when it comes to aesthetically-pleasing attractions. With manicured Mickey Mouse lawns, perfectly-plumped Resort pillowcases, and pristine Park pathways, it’s rare to get a peek behind Disney’s tightly-drawn curtain. One particularly innovative Disney Park—EPCOT—takes the crown for meticulous details. Imported pieces from global destinations adorn EPCOT’s World Showcase, and Spaceship Earth marks the center ...

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EPCOT Announces 2023 Eat to the Beat Concert Lineup 

Eat to the Beat Concert Series

Luckily for fans of food, wine, and music, the beat goes on for several months in EPCOT during its International Food and Wine Festival. Disney Guests can indulge in the best food and wine pairings for their pallets, and their ears will be treated to the stylings of some of music’s greatest performers. While tickets are for purchase for EPCOT’s ...

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