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More Evidence of a Possible Apple Disney Partnership Emerges

Apple Disney ESPN

While rumors of Apple buying the Walt Disney Company are constantly contested, the tech giant is a likely buyer for another Disney-owned asset. For a few months now, the company Needham and analyst Laura Martin have argued that a Disney-Apple merger is on the cards. The analysts have shared previously that a merger between the tech giant and the entertainment ...

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The Disney Asset Fire Sale May Have Already Begun

Disney selling off Indian assets

Activist investor Nelson Peltz sought a seat on Disney’s Board of Directors earlier this year. Eventually, he gave up his proxy battle when Disney CEO Bob Iger decided to eliminate 7,000 employees and save the company more than $5.5 billion in the process. That move seemed to appease Peltz for the time being, but now he has returned and owns ...

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Rare Disney Satellite Event Causing Problems for ESPN, ABC, and Streaming

Disney satellite

If you’ve noticed some weird technical glitches across the Walt Disney Company’s major stations over the weekend, you aren’t going crazy. Like many studios, Disney uses a satellite in space to broadcast its offerings to consumers. However, a rare event involving the Disney satellite, the Earth, and the sun is causing annoying problems for ESPN, ABC, and other Disney programming ...

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Bombarded On All Sides, Disney Must Face Federal Antitrust Lawsuit

Disney faces Federal antitrust lawsuit

Suing the Walt Disney Company appears to be a pastime for some attorneys. Every time someone falls or slips at one of Disney’s theme parks, out come the lawsuits. When Disney’s stock fell because of streaming profits, another lawsuit was filed again. A woman is suing Disney over a “wedgie” she received while on Walt Disney World Resort vacation. But ...

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Fans REFUSE to Watch Official NFL Match, Choose ‘Toy Story’ Football Instead

disney espn nfl broadcast

In yet another instance of fans refusing to kowtow to Disney’s ever-increasing prices, some explicitly refused to pay to watch the NFL match on Sunday, choosing to watch Disney’s Toy Story characters play the game instead. On October 1, the Atlanta Falcons played the Jacksonville Jaguars in London at Wembley Stadium in an incredibly gripping game. Notably, when it comes to the ...

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After Spectrum Fight, Disney Gets A HUGE Win

Disney/ESPN get huge NFL ratings

Disney desperately needed a win. The news surrounding the Walt Disney Company lately has all been terrible. Wall Street analysts were openly wondering if the return of Disney CEO Bob Iger was a good idea. But just when it appeared the walls were closing in on Iger and Disney, they were able to salvage a much-needed win. On Monday, just ...

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Disney and ESPN Are Trying Something Wild With Upcoming Live NFL Game

Toy Story Funday Football

What’s the one thing all sports fans pine for when viewing their favorite games between two professional teams? It’s obvious! They all wish Disney and Pixar could turn the live game into an animated spectacle in real time. As Disney returns ESPN and other stations to Spectrum, it hopes to bring new viewers to streaming via its latest strategy to ...

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Amid Feud With Spectrum, Disney Gives Free ESPN to Sports Stars

tennis stars ESPN

The ongoing standoff between Disney and cable giant Charter Communications has taken a wild turn, leaving some of the world’s top sports players caught in a pickle. As the dispute escalates, it is not just the millions of cable subscribers who are frustrated. Athletes participating in the US Open tennis tournament found themselves in a challenging situation due to the ...

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Disney Vilifies Spectrum Ahead of NFL Opening Weekend

Spectrum ESPN

Sports fans everywhere are anticipating the NFL’s 2023 opening weekend. However, a fierce battle is ongoing between the Walt Disney Company and cable provider Charter Communications, leaving millions of subscribers caught in the crossfire and without major sports programming. This feud has now led to a blackout of Disney channels on Charter’s Spectrum cable service, including the coveted ESPN stations. ...

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Disney Losing $4 Million a Day, $1.4 BILLION Per Year in Latest Feud

disney spectrum espn loss

While Disney is playing a bold game, losing the Spectrum deal could cost them enormous amounts of money…but given the Mouse House’s current financial woes, can they afford it? The Walt Disney Company’s feud with Spectrum TV and its parent company Charter Communications is all anyone can talk about at the moment.  The fight is just one of the many ...

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