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A Tribute to Animated Farm Animal Friends From Disney Films

Home on the Range

One major constant we’ve seen implemented throughout various works from Walt Disney Entertainment over the years is the incorporation of amiable animal characters. The most recognizable face of Disney, after all, is none other than the iconic Mickey Mouse. But there have also been many others, including a whole host of farm-friendly familiars. From those loving creatures who appear in ...

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Estelle Harris–Disney’s Muriel, Mrs. Potato Head–Passed Away

Estelle Harris

Another Disney star has entered eternal rest after immortalizing her voice and personality in beloved movies, and television projects enjoyed every day by millions. This time, our obituary is in honor of actress Estelle Harris. We at Disney Fantic have learned that she passed away on Saturday, April 2, 2022, at the age of 93. Perhaps best remembered for her ...

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