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Why Do So Many Fights Break Out at Disney Parks?

Disney Parks Fighting feature

Once upon a time, it was preposterous to even consider that any Disney Park or Resort location would ever serve as the site of an all-out explosive brawl. Even foul language and altercations seemed unlikely within the realm of a wholesome, family-oriented magical place where dreams come true. But unfortunately, times have changed, and neither Disneyland Resort in California nor ...

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Top New Year’s Resolutions Disney Guests Need to Adopt

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With every new year that rolls around, the act of making New Year’s resolutions is a fairly common practice among many. Folks naturally want to resolve to do better in some area of their lives, feeling that the start of a new year offers a time for a fresh start over. Disney fanatics are no exception to the scores of ...

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Video: Fight Breaks Out Before Disney Nighttime Spectacular

Fight at Disney

Another fight between Guests has broken out amid the tightly packed crowds of a Disney Park. This time, it was before the showing of the recently returned Nighttime Spectacular, Fantasmic! at the Disneyland Resort in California. Reportedly first shared on TikTok, the video of the altercation quickly made its way across social media platforms, being reshared onto Instagram, which was then onto ...

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1-Year-Old Caught in Middle of Guest Altercation at Disney World

Disney World Fight

The Walt Disney World Resort can be The Most Magical Place On Earth. Still, the combination of capacity crowds, extra-long wait times, and general exhaustion that comes from a day in the Parks can brew agitation that makes it seem the exact opposite. Take this instance at Disney’s Hollywood Studios this last week, where an altercation in line resulted in ...

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