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After Roadblock from DeSantis’s Board, Disney World Union Leader Slams Employees

firefighter union leader contract

While many were markedly unhappy with the changes made when Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis disbanded the Reedy Creek Improvement District board and put in place the new Central Florida Tourism Oversight District board in its place—specially hand-picked by the Florida Governor himself, no less—there was one party that was optimistic about the new voices and the change: the Walt Disney ...

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Firefighter Union Reaches Agreement with DeSantis’s Hand-Picked Board

disney world firefighter union contract

The Walt Disney World Resort has been in the news a lot recently for the Disney vs. DeSantis feud. Recently, the Walt Disney Company—specifically Walt Disney World—sued DeSantis for the board trying to go back on their previous agreement with the Mouse House. This came about after an ingenious maneuver on the part of the Walt Disney Company to continue ...

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Firefighter Saves Life on Disney World Vacation

Firefighter saves Disney World Guest

The Walt Disney World Resort once again became the site of real-world heroism as a vacationing fireman answered the unexpected call of duty. Poughkeepsie Fire Department Lieutenant Paul Bucher was on a family vacation when he saved a man who was having a heart attack while at dinner. According to, “The lieutenant performed a precordial thump and began chest ...

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