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Huge Pipe Bursts in EPCOT

imagination building epcot

When it comes to infrastructure and planning ahead, the Walt Disney World Resort usually seems to have everything figured out — even if the current high levels of Guest dissatisfaction say otherwise. Disney has plans for everything from ‘aging out’ Disney princesses who look too old to dealing with difficult Guests using coded messages — but even Disney cannot prevent ...

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Video from Magic Kingdom: Flood Follows Festival of Fantasy

Disney World Flood

On March 9, 2022, the Festival of Fantasy made its long-awaited return to the Magic Kingdom’s parade route. But once Maleficent and the rest of the magical floats finished their course, it appears another flash flood decided to take over the streets. A video was shared by Streaming the Magic that shows Guests covered in ponchos shuffling through ankle-deep water. ...

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Disney Guests Dance in a Flash Flood

flash flood hollywood studios

Although there’s been lots of bad news lately, some Disney magic has presented itself once again as Disney Park Guests found themselves facing an unexpected challenge on March 7 2022. A flash flood hit Hollywood Studios, and instead of fleeing the scene, many Disney Guests chose to simply put on their rain boots and play! Footage of the whimsical scene ...

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