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DeSantis Threatens State Prison Next to Walt Disney World as Revenge

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If you thought the Disney vs. DeSantis issue was over and done with, you would, unfortunately, be incorrect. For the past year, a bitter feud has been brewing between the Walt Disney Company and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. What began as a disagreement over the “Don’t Say Gay” controversy has spiraled into a dramatic and protracted conflict, with many twists ...

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Reedy Creek Developments Inspire Video of “DeSantis World”

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When you’re a company as big as the Walt Disney Company, you’re bound to inspire a lot of opinions. As many Disney Fanatics know, this week marked a monumental change in Disney history. Florida governor Ron DeSantis signed the dissolution of Reedy Creek’s special status into law. This is a massive change for both Disney and the state, and fans ...

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Final Chapters of DeSantis vs Disney World Coming Up Soon?

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More discussions involving Walt Disney World losing its self-governing status could well be happening sooner rather than later. The Reedy Creek issue has been one that has been long discussed. From its birth during Disney’s involvement (or intervention, depending on whom you ask) in Florida’s Parental Rights in Education legislation (referred to by many who oppose it as the “Don’t ...

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