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Disney Promises Upcoming ‘Frozen’ Movie Will Be “Amazing”

frozen 3 disney

A Disney producer has promised that the upcoming movie, Frozen 3 is going to be “amazing,” a needed reprieve for The Walt Disney Company after a disastrous year. Disney really needs a win. For a year now, the company has been struggling to create a particularly successful movie‚ÄĒa sad reality for the company’s centenary. This is not for lack of ...

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Disney Animation Studios Is Reportedly Not Releasing Anything in 2024

Disney Animation Studios

Disney animation enthusiasts might not have anything to look forward to in 2024. An updated list of next year’s releases recently revealed an intriguing list of Disney’s upcoming projects. But here’s the kicker ‚Äď where’s the Walt Disney Animation Studios magic in 2024? No Walt Disney Animation Studios Film in 2024 The go-to Disney journalist Scott Gustin gave us the ...

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Elsa to Marry a Woman in ‘Frozen III’: Fact or Fiction?

frozen 3 elsa

In a rumor that has become so widespread the origin video has garnered over one million views, some believe that Princess Elsa from Disney’s Frozen franchise is going to marry a woman in the upcoming Frozen sequel. Disney has been embroiled in controversy after controversy in the recent past. From its portrayal of LGBTQ characters, which had some fans in ...

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“We All Struggle”: ‘Frozen 3’ Star Opens Up About Mental Health Challenges

These days, Disney Princess fans are more likely to discuss the upcoming¬†Frozen¬†podcast, the voice acting cast for that podcast, or the rumors about Elsa’s romance in the upcoming Frozen 3¬†animated movie than they are to discuss the phenomenon that was “Let It Go” back in 2013. Songs like “Into the Unknown” and “Show Yourself” stole the show in the film’s ...

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Disney Begins Changing ‘Frozen’ Voice Cast

frozen podcast

It will be no surprise for many Disney Fanatics to hear that “Frozen Fever” is still going strong. Frozen Fever Rages Ever since¬†Frozen¬†first told the tale of Anna and Elsa in the Norway-inspired kingdom of Arendelle back in 2013, Disney has capitalized on the film’s enormous success. EPCOT has a¬†Frozen¬†ride,¬†Frozen¬†merchandise continues to be in demand, and the film sequel¬†Frozen 2¬†brought ...

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Can Fans “Let It Go”? Disney Allegedly Pushes ‘Frozen 3’ Onto Its Backburner

elsa and anna looking upset

Idina Menzel and Josh God — who were both named Disney Legends alongside their¬†Frozen¬†co-stars Jonathan Groff and Kristen Bell — were all set to star in the third¬†Frozen¬†film about Elsa and the kingdom of Arendelle (and, possibly, about Elsa’s female love interest). Unfortunately, however, it sounds like Disney princess fans and Disney Legends will all have to wait for a ...

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Idina Menzel Drops Hints About Elsa’s Romance in ‘Frozen 3’


Disney fans typically love how independent the Disney princess Elsa is in the¬†Frozen¬†movies — particularly since, in the first movie from 2013, it was sisterly love that broke a spell rather than romantic love. However, it seems like that independence might be coming into question with¬†Frozen 3! We already knew that newly-inaugurated Disney Legend Idina Menzel (the Broadway star and ...

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Cast Members Impress Fans With Adorable Performance

frozen cast members anna kristoff

It seems safe to say that Disney Park Cast Members and Disney Resort employees have been put through the wringer lately. Whether it’s very low wages or inappropriate Guest behavior that they are facing, these Disney employees and Disney performers often have to face some considerable challenges during their workdays — especially when playing face characters in front of audiences ...

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Idina Menzel Confirms Interest in ‘Frozen 3’

frozen 3 elsa

Tony winner and Broadway star Idina Menzel is known by many of her fans for her work on stage as a singer and performer, but the award-winning actress is now known by thousands of Disney fans as Princess Elsa in the Frozen¬†animated movies as well — and she has just confirmed that she’d love to come back for a third ...

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