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Mattel Reclaims its Rights to Disney Barbies from Hasbro


Back in 2016, the famous Barbie brand Mattel lost its lucrative license to represent Disney characters (particularly Disney princesses) as Barbie dolls. The company Hasbro took the license instead, causing an upset in the Mattel company (and a loss of a $440 million income source, according to the Wall Street Journal) alongside a new challenge for Hasbro as it tried ...

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The ‘Encanto’ Song “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” Has Beaten Frozen’s “Let it Go” Record for Highest-Charting Disney Music


Most Disney Fanatics already know that the new Walt Disney Animation Studios movie Encanto has been taking the Disney world by storm; its music has consistently topped the charts, its animation is award-nominated, and it has gotten plenty of positive reviews (as well as a Golden Globe for Best Animated Feature)! Now, the movie is getting even more attention for its ...

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Disney Favorites Who Would Have Made Awesome Villains


From the very beginning Walt Disney productions have been known for showcasing heroic and villainous characters alike. When we see one of the bad guys yielding what appears to be an unlimited source of power, which is of course intended for purely evil purposes, we find ourselves trembling. On the flip side, we breathe a sigh of relief when a ...

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Olaf Character Sighting Returning Soon to Disney’s Hollywood Studios


Another character sighting is returning to the Walt Disney World Resort, and fans of Frozen (2013) will be excited for this one! Olaf, the loveable snowman created by Elsa herself, will soon be returning to his original meet and greet location at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Beginning January 15, 2022, Guests will once again find Olaf at Celebrity Spotlight in Hollywood ...

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Josh Gad Treats Fans to More Laughs in EPCOT’s World Showcase


Even though Annie Award-winning actor Josh Gad didn’t become a household name until he played the sentient snowman Olaf in the Walt Disney Animation Studios movies Frozen (2012) and Frozen 2 (2019), the actor has continued to gain popularity with Disney fans since then on social media (especially after his own miniseries Olaf Presents premiered on Disney+ Day). The actor ...

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Broadway’s ‘Frozen’ Gets a Limited-Edition Donut


Fans of Frozen (2012), fans of Frozen 2 (2019), and Disney donut connoisseurs everywhere will be pleased to know that the Broadway adaptation of Disney’s Frozen has just gotten its own signature donut! The Broadway show is currently on the Chicago leg of its North American tour (despite some canceled shows due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic), and the popular Chicago ...

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Disney Baddies Who Turned Good

Which Disney Bird Are You?

From the wickedest of evil villains to those misunderstood, misbehaving but otherwise harmless antagonists that annoy us so, Disney characters usually take a distinguished side for being either for or against what’s good and what isn’t. Over the years however, we have seen many demonstrations of certain characters in Disney films shifting form their former antagonistic ways to those that ...

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COVID Closes Down Broadway’s ‘Aladdin’ and ‘Frozen’ Again


For the fourth time, the Aladdin musical on Broadway has unfortunately been closed down by COVID-19–and Broadway’s Frozen musical has just been closed down for the second time. Earlier this week, it had been announced that Aladdin had more positive COVID cases and would be canceling its December 19 shows at The New Amsterdam Theatre. It wasn’t long before an additional ...

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