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Disney’s Haunted Mansion: 999 (or less) Frightfully Fun Facts

Welcome, Foolish Mortal!  With spooky season upon us, what more fitting attraction to explore than Disney’s Haunted Mansion? The Mansion is a favorite among many Disney Guests, and it’s a theme park ride like no other. Hop into a Doom Buggy and allow me to be your Ghost Host as we take a ride through this perennial Disney parks classic, which ...

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6 Reasons Why We Love Space Mountain

Space Mountain

Space Mountain is one of my favorite rides in all of Disney World. It offers family fun, superb theming, and an element of thrill. Here are 6 reasons why Space Mountain remains one of the most popular attractions in the Magic Kingdom. 6. It’s a classic park staple People like what they know, so classic rides are often among guest ...

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18 Impressive Facts About Disney

Castle Balloons

Because of Disney’s size and history both on screen and with it’s theme parks worldwide, there is an inexhaustable list of trivia and fun facts available to peruse! We hope you enjoy the following: 1. Wall-E, the lovable trash compactor was named after Walter Elias Disney. 2. In usual Disney fashion, characters from one movie are often hidden in other ...

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