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2022 Hurricane Season: The Return of ‘Hurricane Gaston’?

Hurricane Gaston

The 2022 Atlantic Hurrican Season is just under two months away, but it appears that this year’s list of storm names have been released, and one storm could find itself named after one dastardly Disney villain: Gaston. According to the Orlando Sentinel, the meteorological team at Colorado State University is predicting 19 namable storms for this year, and the names ...

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List: Every Disney Star Named ‘Sexiest Man Alive’

For over 30 years, People magazine has been documenting the world’s “Sexiest Man Alive” on the cover of its yearly special issue. Despite what the title might imply, the honor is not attained by a perennial Hunger Games-style arena fight with past winners where the last man standing is, in fact, the “Sexiest Man Alive.” Instead, we are treated to the ...

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OpEd: Nobody Deserves a Redemption Arc Like Gaston

Disney Villains

What Makes a Great Villain? When one pictures the great pantheon of Disney villains, many delightfully diverse and devious characters come to mind. There is, of course, the informal leader of the council herself: Maleficent, “Mistress of All Evil,” with the ability to call upon all the powers of hell. There is Snow White’s Evil Queen stepmother, whose evil cackle ...

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‘Beauty and the Beast’ Series Stalled by Disney+ Indefinitely

little town beauty and the beast prequel

Fans of Gaston and Le Fou will be disappointed, because the Beauty and the Beast spinoff musical series Little Town that was meant to air on Disney+ has now been postponed by Disney indefinitely. According to The Hollywood Reporter, “delays with creative elements and scheduling challenges with its cast” caused the Beauty and the Beast prequel series to be put on hold. The unfavorable ...

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Josh Gad Reveals Hints and Teasers About “Olaf Presents” and The New “Beauty and The Beast” Prequel Series


As Disney+ Day approaches on November 12th, the premiere of Olaf Presents gets closer too — and actor Josh Gad, who voices Olaf himself, stopped by the D23 podcast to talk about both Olaf Presents and the upcoming “Beauty and the Beast” prequel series (in which he reprises his role as LeFou alongside Luke Evans‘ Disney villain Gaston). One of ...

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Best Gaston Moments at Disney World


He’s the Disney character we love to hate! He’s adorably arrogant and entertaining and guests stand in long lines for a taste of his particularly hilarious abuse. Here are a few of Gaston’s finer moments. Just try not to look at his muscles!

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10 Inscrutable Requirements Of Being A Disney ‘Face’ Character


It probably comes as no surprise to any true Disney fanatic that among companies that present live entertainment, Disney is one of the largest in the world. The numerous live shows in the parks and resorts, on the cruise ships, and at special events around the globe entertain millions of guests each year. Naturally, with that many shows comes the ...

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