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Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean Change Is Now in Place, Frustrating Fans Beyond Words

pirates caribbean disneyland

Disney’s latest change to Pirates of the Caribbean at its Southern California resort has many fans up in arms in frustration at The Walt Disney Company. The Disney Parks are beloved by fans all over the world for the entertainment and unique Disney experience they provide to fans and guests who visit the parks. From dark rides like Haunted Mansion ...

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Does Disney Purposely Increase Posted Wait Times to Encourage People to Buy Genie+?

disney genie wait times

Recently, a fan jumped in to ask whether the rumor that Disney increases posted wait times to encourage Genie+ purchases was true. Naturally, we jumped in to investigate. Both the Walt Disney World Resort (with its amazing theme parks like Magic Kingdom and Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park) and the Disneyland Resort (with Disneyland Park and Disney California Adventure Park) ...

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Disney World Guests Outraged as Pricey Genie+ App Meltdown Spoils the Magic

My Disney Experience down

Walt Disney World Resort in Florida is a busy and popular vacation destination for millions of visitors annually. To help alleviate the stress and hassle of long wait times, the theme park has implemented various features on its My Disney Plus App. Most notably, the Genie+ Lightning Lane paid addon allows parkgoers to plan their vacation and strategize via services ...

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Cutting Perks and Raising Prices: 6 Reasons Crowds Are Vanishing From Disney Parks

Disney World 2023 attendance figures are down

Despite Disney fanatics intentionally avoiding heavy crowds at Walt Disney World when school’s out for the summer, the Parks have always been notoriously packed with shoulder-to-shoulder crowds. No school for the kiddos and Summer Fridays for adults meant strategic summer planning for Guests headed to Walt Disney World during the hottest months of the year. The same goes for special ...

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Genie+ Prices Drop One Day After Park-Specific Pricing Announcement

Disney Genie+ price presidents day weekend

The Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort are climbing an uphill battle with their line-skipping policies. Many Guests have hoped the paid line-skipping system, Genie+, would be a temporary fix to curtail crowds after the COVID-19 closure. But Guests haven’t gotten their wish—Genie+ appears to be sticking around, and it recently got a controversial update. Since Disney did away ...

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“Entitled” Guest Tries to Bend Single Rider Rules, Cast Member Forced to Step In

Space Mountain Queue

When COVID-19 swept the world, all bets were off—remember the toilet paper shortage? Folks were forced to live in a lawless land, and the rebound from those quarantined days has been a slow roll for specific sectors of society. The theme Park industry was hit hard by the immediate policy shifts necessary to keep Guests safe. With the Disney Park ...

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Why Disney Fans Think Genie+ Should Cost More


Walt Disney World and Disneyland have long set the theme Park standard for the world to follow. For decades, pristine Parks, immaculate restrooms, top-notch service, and delectable dining have been markers of the Disney experience. The Cast Members and commitment to characters carrying out their personas in the Parks have been impossible for competitors to match, and the magic has ...

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Pregnant at Disney? Top 5 Tips to Improve Your Trip

Pregnant Disney

According to Duke University researchers, being pregnant is the equivalent of running a 40-week marathon. Expecting moms exert the same energy as athletes competing in the Tour de France—except they do it daily for nine months. Even if a pregnant woman sat on a couch with her feet up all day, she still participates in the most energetically expensive task ...

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Disney Park Permanently Removes Guest Perk, Will Test a New Alternative This Summer

Tokyo Disney Queue

In a world rocked by COVID-19, Disney scrambled after its pandemic closure to curtail crowds. To gradually work its way back to pre-pandemic Park attendance, Disney reopened without one of the most crucial perks of a Walt Disney World vacation: the FastPass. With Guests desperately awaiting its return, Disney had to think quickly to deliver a similar experience. On October ...

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Fan Shares How Cast Member Saved Their Life During Disney World Vacation

cast member saves disney guest

The Walt Disney World Resort and the Disneyland Resort are the ultimate Disney vacation spots. Be it the enthralling experience of Magic Kingdom Park or exploring the wonderful world of Disney’s Animal Kingdom at Walt Disney World Resort, or taking a wondrous stroll through Disneyland Park and Disney California Adventure Park at Disneyland Resort, there are always many thrills and ...

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