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You Can Relive the FastPass Nostalgia With This Old Disney Video

fastpass disney video

We have just the video for Disney fans who have been desperately missing FastPass and have had myriad complaints with Genie+. The Disney Genie suite—with the Genie+ and Lightning Lane service—and the additional Individual Lightning Lane system are hot on the mouth of every Disney fan, just not for the reasons we’d hope. Whereas the system they replaced, FastPass, is ...

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Disney Updates Genie+, Here’s What You Need to Know

disney genie+ change

Starting January 1, one piece of the controversial, paid Disney Genie+ service has been tabled forever at the Disney Resorts. While Guests have expressed much dissatisfaction with the FastPass+ replacement, it seems that the Walt Disney Company has made a decision when it comes to the future of the service. With recent updates from the Disney Parks, it appears that ...

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Disney Genie+ Sees Drastic Price Drop

disney genie + price drop

While the ever-controversial Disney Genie suite has been at the center of Guests’ debate for months, the service saw a price drop during the holiday week. The Disney Genie suite has been much debated and addressed, whether by Disney executives or by Disney Guests, ever since its release. The service, which includes the Lightning Lane and paid Genie+ service, replaced ...

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Disney Policy Update: Genie+ Sales Might “Stop on Demand”

disney genie+ sales

Disney officially confirmed that sales for the ever-controversial Genie+ system could be stopped depending on demand. The Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort are known as the “Most Magical Place on Earth” and the “Happiest Place on Earth,” respectively. The Disney Resorts have multiple Disney Parks with myriad rides and attractions that have Guests flocking back to the Parks ...

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Guest Reveals Hack to Avoid Using Genie Service

disney genie

As Disney discontent increases among Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort Guests, Disney Park Guests have begun finding ways to circumvent their least favorite parts of their Disney Park customer experiences. Disney’s newest planning service, called Genie, has been one particular gripe among Disney Guests — and one Disneyland Guest has just revealed their own method for avoiding the ...

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Guest ‘Reeks of Privilege’ Slammed for ‘Scamming’ Disney and Cast Members

disneyland resort fan

A Disney Guest has been taken to task online for “scamming” Disney Cast Members with a Lightning Lane hack. The Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort are known to be some of the best Disney vacation spots. But the Disney Park Guest experience has changed notably with the changes to the FastPass+ reservation system that have been implemented earlier this year in the form of the Disney ...

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Spider-Man Attraction Moves to Genie+

genie+ spiderman web slingers

We have seen a lot of news related to the Disney Genie+ service from Disneyland and the Walt Disney Company lately — especially the news that Genie+ prices are increasing, and that the prices are now going to be different every day — and now there is more news in the Genie+ department from the Walt Disney Company! A Marvel ...

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Disneyland Increases Genie+ Price for Guests

genie+ price

Disney Fanatics and Disney Guests have been complaining a lot about many things when it comes to their customer experience at Disney Parks and Disney Resorts. Whether it’s been Disney Guests’ bad behavior, rigged merchandise sellouts, or ride malfunctions, the Disney discontent seems to be outpacing the Disney magic — and now, one of Disney Guests’ biggest gripes with their ...

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Disney Surprises Fans With Genie+ Update

disney genie + bank of america

Even though Genie+ is one of the more controversial additions to the Disney Park experience, executives say it’s doing “phenomenally well.” Disney has been under much scrutiny in the recent past, given many of the pricing decisions and the general downward track of the Disney experience many Guests report. Many fans have criticized the current Disney CEO Bob Chapek for this ...

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