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Disney Adds PhotoPass Incentive to Genie+

genie+ photopass

The new Disney service called Genie+ has been a polarizing topic for many Disney Fanatics and Disney Guests. This optional add-on to the Disney Genie service comes at an additional cost, and many Disney Guests are hellbent on avoiding it (or even allegedly turning to misuse of the Disability Access Services system in order to avoid having to pay for ...

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Guests Complain About Alleged ‘Fraud’ in Disney’s DAS Program

DAS disney disability access services

Disney Guests have become more and more divided in recent months as inappropriate Guest behavior, unpopular Disney Park policies, and rising Disney prices alienate some Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort visitors. One issue that has recently reared its head involves the DAS system in the Disney Parks; according to some Disney fans, many Disney Guests are supposedly using ...

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Update Suggests Disney Compensating for Genie+ Performance

disney genie+

Disney fans have submitted many complaints about the Disney experience after the inception of the new Disney Genie Service and its Genie+ Lightning Lane feature, and it looks like Walt Disney World Resort has picked up on the problems with the new Disney Genie service! There is now a new line written in the descriptions on the Walt Disney World ...

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Video: Will Smith Assaults Chris Rock at the 94th Oscars

Will Smith Chris Rock Oscars

As the 94th Academy Awards dragged through the night, it appeared to be an arguably mediocre night. Forced comedic dialogue between random movie stars and interesting musical sets split up a night of recognition of the most outstanding talent from the previous year. But then Chris Rock took the stage to read out some documentary nominees. In the middle of ...

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Disney Adds More Attractions to Genie+ Lightning Lane

lightning lane festival of fantasy disney stars red carpet dreams

Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort are continuing to add more theme Park attractions exclusively to Genie+ Lightning Lane, and now two more are joining the Lightning Lane lineup! Journalist Scott Gustin has revealed that as of March 11, the Disney World Resort Festival of Fantasy Parade will be a Genie+ Lightning Lane event in the Magic Kingdom theme ...

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Guest Collision at Disney World Lands Older Woman in Hospital

Disney World Incident

There appears to have been yet another altercation among Guests at the Most Magical Place On Earth. But, this time, on March 2 at EPCOT, it ends with a Guest going to the hospital: an older woman. First reported by Inside the Magic, the source identified as Jennifer K said the following: “We were looking at the flower and garden ...

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Three Disney Attractions Are Switching Exclusively to Genie+ Lightning Lanes

lightning lane

Disney Guests have gone through many adjustments recently as Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort undergo changes, with the most notable change being the switch to Genie+ and Lightning Lanes, and the changes are continuing! Journalist Scott Gustin shared on Twitter that three Walt Disney World Resort attractions are being changed from Individual Lightning Lane selection attractions to Genie+ ...

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Are Disney’s Park Hopper Restrictions Causing Lightning Lane’s Problems?

Disney World Lightning Lane

In the few months it has been an active part of the Walt Disney World experience, the new Lightning Lane system–whether via Genie+ or an individual basis–has been met with tremendous Guest backlash. One of the biggest complaints and mysteries of the FastPass-replacing line-cutting system is the inconceivable lines that Guests still have to endure while paying $20 per person ...

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Disney Characters with the Most Giving Nature


Throughout the years we’ve seen some pretty generous characters being brought to life within the realm of Walt Disney Entertainment. Excluding villains of course, it goes without saying that the vast majority of Disney characters exude a moral, kindhearted nature about them. The exemplary examples established by Disney Princesses provide the perfect demonstration of such precedents, as do the righteous ...

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